By the River [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was lazing at the river. Again. He seems to be sleeping, as his eyes were closed, so he simply dropped his textbook on his head.

Gintoki yelped and he sat up, but the the textbook had fallen on his lap, and he looked up directly in the Katsura’s face. “Jeez, Zura, don’t scare me like that.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura. It is your fault for missing the classes again.” Katsura said, as he sat down to the grass next to Gintoki. “They are over for today. The harvest is coming.”

“I see.” Gintoki said, as he grabbed Katsura for his arm, and leaned back, pulling Katsura with him. Zura glared at him, but Gintoki just grinned back. “Learn to enjoy life more, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” Katsura said, as he sighed. “When will you stop using that ridiculous nickname.”

“Probably never.” Gintoki replied as he looked up in the sky.

Katsura looked at the Gintoki’s peaceful face for a while, then looked at the sky as well. There was nothing wrong with enjoying the moment from time to time.

They were like that for a while, when Katsura heard somebody coming. He sat up and looked, directly into Takasugi’s face. “Takasugi?”

Takasugi needed a couple of seconds to reply, and even Gintoki looked up. “I was just worried if anything happened to you two. Teacher would worry.”

Gintoki grinned at Takasugi. “Or were you just jealous?”

“Why would I be jealous fo your two?” Takasugi said, his hands crossed. “Just make sure nothing happens to you two.”

Takasugi turned, but Gintoki glanced at Katsura. He then stood up, and tackled Takasugi on the ground. “You are soooo…” Gintoki said with a singing voice.

“Let me go, Gintoki.” Takasugi said, his face red, as he tired to hit Gintoki’s head, but that did not have any effect.

Katsura was looking at them and he started laughing. They were just so funny. They both looked at him, and they they joined the laughing, Gintoki rolling of Takasugi. But unlike before, Takasugi did not left.

Katsura joined them, both of them lying on the ground and simply enjoying the quiet. Not that it will last long. It never did with these two.

“So, just admit that you were jealous of me.” Gintoki started, turning his face to Takasugi.

“I can’t admit something that is not the truth.” Takasugi replied.

Gintoki put his face over Takasugi’s, as he looked at him with mischief. Takasugi got red in the face, and he tried to back away. “Gintoki, too close.”

“Too close?” Gintoki said, putting himself even closer to Takasugi. “Feeling uncomfortable?”

Takasugi pushed Gintoki away, and Gintoki had fallen on the side in the undignified manner. “Why would you make me feel uncomfortable?”

Katsura was observing this interaction, and a weird idea pooped into his head. “It wasn’t Gintoki you were jealous of, it was me, right?”

Both Takasugi and Gintoki looked at him, blinking. Katsura was feeling accomplished. It was not easy to surprise both of them.

Takasugi looked away. “Don’t be ridiculous, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki looked at him with a serious face, then put one of his hands on Takasugi’s shoulder. “I am sorry Takasugi, but you will never be as smart as Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki and Takasugi both ignored Katsura’s jab. “I prefer to have my common sense than Zura’s smartness.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

“His smartness seems to be more useful that your common sense.” Gintoki said back.

Takasugi said: “Tell me just one example…”

“Takasugi is in love with Gintoki.” Katsura suddenly said.

Takasugi shut up, not finishing his sentence. He looked at Katsura in horror and fear. He then tried to stood up. “I have no idea what you are saying.”

Katsura now looked at Gintoki, and they both grabbed Takasugi for one arm, dragging him down. The both grinned at each other over Takasugi’s face.

Takasugi looked at both of them, but then he relaxed. Katsura congratulated himself for that. It was quite nice, looking at the clouds with these two.

They were there until the sunset, when the teacher called them back.