Being Lazy [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura and Gintoki were lazing around the Yorozuya. They were lucky that nobody else was there. Kagura was visiting Kaguya, while Shinpachi was helping in the dojou.

Not that Gintoki wanted to move at all. It was way too hot outside and here they at least had a fan to cool them down a little. The fan was on the table, faced toward them on the sofa.

Katsura was sitting on the ground, his head lying on Gintoki’s stomach, as he was lying on the sofa. They were both quite content to stay like that. It was peaceful, like the times at the school, when they would spend their time lazing around - with Katsura reading most of the time.

There were also the quite moments during the war, when they managed to get away and forget everything by simply lazing like that around.

There was one person that was missing from the picture, but Katsura did not want to let his thought linger on him for much longer. On the other hand…

“Gintoki?” he asked as he looked up to his face.

“Hmm?” Gintoki asked, as he continued to lay there.

“Why did you join the war?” Katsura finally asked. Gintoki never told them. It was not that unusual at that time, but what he knew now about Gintoki, that decision was totally counterintuitive.

Gintoki looked at Katsura and smiled. He put his hand in Katsura’s hair. “I wanted to kill as many aliens as possible.”

“Liar.” said Katsura, but there was no fire in his voice. He did not berated Gintoki for not telling him.

There were lying like that for a couple more minutes, when Gintoki said: “During a war, remember when you said ‘On the end people just want to live and die by the people they trust?’”

“Yes.” Katsura said. He still remembered the first time he uttered this in a fire of anger. And he was not angered frequently. “It is true.”

“It was that and a promise that I made with teacher. Just that.” Gintoki said, like he would be talking about the weather.

Katsura wanted to ask what he meant, when he stilled. That’s the reason Gintoki went to war? He closed his eyes, as he never imagined. He hoped it was at least something else as well. “Well, I hope you at least managed to keep your promise.” he said eventually.

“I…” Gintoki paused for a little. “At least partly.” he said on the end. “I just hope that is enough.”

“Teacher would never belittled you for giving your best to keep your word.” Katsura said. “Even if you only kept it partly.”

He wanted to ask what the teacher made him promise, but it was so unusual for the Gintoki to open up, that he did not want to ruin the feeling. Even if he don’t hear anything anymore today, this feeling of complete trust is what he was missing.

He just hoped that one day all three of them will be able to sit here like that.