The Scientist with a Gun [Detective Conan / BBC Sherlock Fanfiction]

“Hakuba.” she was confused as to why he corrected her. “Why do you need John?”

Hakuba sighed as he put the file he had under his hand down on the table. He looked at it for a couple of seconds then looked at Sally. “He is still the best biological anthropologist that I know.”

“He is a doctor, which for your information is not the same as biological antropolgist.” Sherlock said, but there was still interest and some small part of suspicion on his face. “Get your facts strength first.”

“But before he become a doctor, he came from the biological anthropology.” Hakuba said. Then he murdered to himself. “Not that he likes to talk about that period of his time.”

All of them look interestingly at Hakuba. There was a time of John’s life that he did not like to talk about? But the superintendent Hakuba knew about it. Or at least he seems to know something that they did not.

“But I will came at other time.” Hakuba said as he left the room. leaving the file with him.