The APTX Murder Investigation [BBC Sherlock / Detective Conan Fanfiction]

“Mike, Molly.” he said, as he entered the pathology laboratory. “Molly, I know it is a weird request, but could you bring somebody out for me?” he asked, as he turned to her.

“Bring somebody out? As in a corpse?” she asked. “Did Sherlock asked you to do this.”

“A superintendent that I know.” said John. “He wants to test a theory and for some reason don’t want his forensic team to do it.”

“I guess he is finally starting to rub on you as well.” Mike said, as he stood up. “I will let you with it.” he make his goodbyes and left the room.

Molly brought the last victim from the cold storage, and she watched as John was getting the same intense look, that Sherlock usually got during investigating. He looked over the bruisings and the point of injection. Nothing unusual.

“You think I could take some of the blood?” asked John, as he looked at Molly.

She nodded and brought him all necessary equipment, making sure to also note everything that he was doing, in case there is going to be additional enquiries in this course. Plus, it was one she had yet to start working one.

John thanked her, and she willed it back. Then she followed him, interested in what is he going to do.

She was surprised that he first diluted some of the sample in water, then started to do chemical tests on it. They were all normal. He narrowed his eyes, but then he pulled the blood testing kit. The person had a 0 blood type.

John looked up. “Would you mind checking on file what blood type was the victim?” he asked.

“Why?” Molly asked, but she went and found the file. She leafed through it and stared. According to the file, the person was AB blood type. She came and looked again at the test that John preformed. “That was his blood?”

“So it changed.” said John. He than took another test and checked the acid in the blood, and then he used another one to check for the blood sugar. The acid level was normal, but there was a lack of blood sugar.

John took the phone from his pocket and texted Sagaru about the recent development. He then sat back, as he thought about it.

“But how is this possible? People don’t change their blood type upon dying.” Molly looked surprised. “And no people would survive with so little blood sugar in their blood.”

“You are right.” John said. “There are a couple of explanation, but I have eliminated all but one.” He looked frustrated, as he tapped with his fingers to the table. He did not look at her.

Molly put the file down. “You don’t like the results.” she said. She sat down next to him. “They scare you.”

John stood up and started to walk around. He then leaned on the table, taking deep breaths.

Then the doors open, Lestrade and Sherlock coming the the scene in front of them. John turned to them and smiled. “I knew you will want to see the body.” said John.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes, but then he seems to have forgotten about it. “Hardly hard deduction, John.”

“Never said it was.” he countered, the depression that was visible just a couple of seconds ago was not there anymore.

Sherlock looked at the body, trying to see anything, but not seeing anything. He then waived to John, that looked around. “The bruises were from falling, and there is most probably the injection point.” He looked around, trying to see something more.

Molly looked from Sherlock to John. Lestrade noticed John slowly shaking his head, and Molly looking down. He noted that down. This case seems to be more something John is going to get involve than Sherlock, But John is not really connected to solving crimes the same way Sherlock is.

“Nothing makes sense.” Sherlock said, as he looked at the body again. “The injection has to cause heart attack, but there is nothing indicating that it does.”

“I will send you an autopsy report when I finish.” said Moly and rolled back the body. “Hopefully there is going to be something useful.”

Sherlock was desperate and he left the room. Lestrade tried to follow, but then he noticed Molly coming closer to John.

“Why don’t you want Sherlock to find out?” Molly said, as she grabbed his arm.

John was quiet for a couple of seconds. Then he looked at her. “I don’t care what he finds out from your tests. Show him whatever you want.” he then asked her arm from his. “It is just…” he shook his head, trying to concentrate. “It is nothing. Just forget what you saw.”

He then left the room, Lestrade pretending to have not heard anything, as they went after Sherlock to see what to do now.

Lestrade got a call, and he excused himself, and Sherlock and John were left with flagging the cab down.

They were driving in silence, when Sherlock suddenly said, still looking outside: “You know something about the case you are not sharing.”

John looked at Sherlock, but was quiet. Sherlock looked at him in interest and surprise. “You are. But you still won’t tell me. Why?”

“Because if I am right, there are only two possible culprits. One of the is me.” John said, as he looked back out. “I refuse to believe that she would do that.”

“Mary?” Sherlock asked, just to be sure.

John laughed. He really laughed at the question. “Thank got, no. Nobody I had seen in years.” but there was a small smile on his face.