Mutant Tony: Clint Rescue [MCU / X-Men Fanfiction]

Clint was looking up in the ceiling. He knew what they were trying to do. They were trying to break him. None of the sides trusted him now. Not SHIELD, not Hydra. Or SHIELD was afraid what had changed, and Hydra did not want to risk themselves outing out to save him. He knew it would ended up like that.

He knew that with Phil gone, only Natasha might actually be interested in saving him. He was surprised that she did not come yet. Did she not know, what are they doing? Or was she going through the same thing.

At this thought, Clint could feel his heart bounce in speed, but he quickly forced it down again. The rest of his body did not move and did not give any indication of his thought. He was too well trained, by both Hydra and SHIELD.

By the amount of food they had left him, they wanted him to be alone for at least a week or two. And it was three days at minimum. Not that he could look forward to what will happen afterwards.

She heard the door getting unlocked and he looked towards it. He sat up on the bed. How could have been? Natasha? Or did SHIELD wanted to try something else?

When the doors opened and he saw the person on the other side of the door, he was surprised. He never expected him to come here. Did SHIELD ask him as an interrogator? But he doubted that SHIELD would have just taken it in stride.

He signed with one open hand towards him. Tony looked impatient. But he was looking in his direction.

Clint was confused, but he is not going to look the gifted horse in the teeth. Even when he was sure that he might regret it later. He stood up and walked towards Tony.

Tony had already turned as soon as Clint stood up, walking all the way through the maze, like he would have know it where he was going. But as far as Clint was remembering, they were not taking the direct road.

“Do you even know where are we going?” Clint asked, as he went to walk next to Tony.

Tony tapped his left ear with his finger. Clint looked and he realized that he is having a listening device in his ear. Clint was confused, but Tony did not elaborate. He did put his fingers to his lips.

What he was surprised at was, that they did not see a living soul in this corridors. Sure it was the long road, but still, there should have been somebody there.

Tony suddenly stopped and he grabbed Clint’s arm and pushed him to the corridor next to them, and into the first room. He closed the doors behind him.

They waited like that for a minute, then Tony opened the doors again, and they were going forward.

Clint was starting to feel uncomfortable. They had taken his hearing aids, when they left him in the cell. They only gave them back, when they wanted to interrogate him. He realized that Tony was not only listening to the help in his ear, but also he could hear if somebody is coming. He could not.

They took a sudden turn a couple of more time, returning to the original path a couple of minutes later. Clint was surprised that Tony appeared to be capable of hide from the whole SHIELD.

They came close to the entry, and Clint could see three guards standing there. He was trying to find a way, that he could incubated all of them. He could probably done it without them sounding the alarm. As long as they did not start the searching protocol.

Tony looked like he did not care in the world and started to walk towards them. Clint grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

He was surprised when he realized that Tony was surprised by that. He seems to be concentrating on something, and he just push him out of it.

Tony glared at him, then rolled his eyes. He pulled his arm back, and walked to the security guards. He then turn around himself, but they did not react. Like he was not there.

Clint decided to follow him. He could still stop all of them and run away. But they looked right at him, and did not react at all. No hello and no stopping him.

Clint felt so uncomfortable, that he just walked in a brisk manner outside, Tony following him.

After they came to the forest, Tony poked him in a shoulder and pointed in the other direction. Clint had nothing to lose, so he followed.

They walked about a kilometer, and Tony made them hide in a bush a couple of times, so that they did not find them. Clint did not know why they hided, when the guards had no reaction, but also he was surprised that SHIELD agents, there were also some high level agents there, did not find them.

They arrived at the highway and Tony pulled himself up, Clint following him. As he looked down, there was nothing there.

By the time they came down, he could see the car pulling over, with Pepper and somebody else in it. Tony waved at them and went inside. Clint followed and went to the shotgun position in the car. It was the only position still empty.

After a couple of dozens of kilometers, the car pulled over again and Clint did not recognize the house. But he guessed that Tony could rent any house in the world that he wanted. Or at least the ones that money and influences could rent out.

Tony on his group went inside. Clint followed. Stark broke him out of SHIELD prison, so he as hell is going to find out why. And if there are any strings attached. Trust Stark to forget to mention that part.

As he came inside, he realized that the room is well lit and specious. It is something he imagined Stark to own, not just rent. He looked at the sofa and sat down. There is no way that he is going to sit on his politeness.

Tony rolled his eyes, and went to retrieve something. So did Pepper. The third guy, the one that Clint still did not know who it was, sat down as well.

Tony came back in a minute, followed by Pepper who was having a drink with her. It appeared to be a jar go juice and four glasses.

Tony on the other hand, had a small box in his arms. He threw the box to Clint, who looked at Tony in surprise.

Tony looked at Pepper, and took a glass from the table, where Pepper left it. He gulped the whole glass, then took another.

Clint stopped looking at him, and looked inside the box. Then he looked at Tony, who just glanced at him, then made a small curve like movement toward his torso, with his hand turned upward.

Clint blinked, then he touched his chin with flat hand and made a opening move with it, as he grinned. He should have known by now, not to underestimate Tony Stark.

He took the hearing aids from the boxes and put them on. As he put one on, he could hear Tony and Pepper talk about how she does not like him to put himself in danger and him how he needs to do what is right. The third one was just quiet.

He put the second one in as well. He was surprised they fit so well and that they were calibrated just the way he needed it. But he is not about to look at gifted horse in the teeth.

Tony turned to him, just as he was finishing. “Done?”

Clint nodded. Tony had an impeccable timing.

Tony looked around. “Pepper, Happy, Clint.” He pointed at each of them.

Clint would have liked some more explanation, but he still nodded to Pepper and Happy.

“So, what now?” Clint asked. He really wanted to know, why the had broken him out of prison.

And he did not like to beat around the bush. He wanted answers.

Pepper rolled her eyes. “Be careful. If I hear again, how you almost died, I promise that I will haunt you in the afterlife.” She turned around after that and left.

Happy stood up and nodded to Tony, then left after her.

Tony looked after them for a while. He had that wishful face on him. But it did not look tat serious. Not for the first time Clint asked himself, how much does he actually knows about Tony Stark.

Tony turned back to him and sat down, taking another glass of juice. Clint taking suit and realizing that it seems to be freshly squeezed. Not something that he had a preference for not something he drank a lot. There is no a lot of time during mission or working to freshly squeeze the juice.

“What do you want to do now?” Tony asked. Clint realized that it is Tony’s answer to his previous questions.

Clint shrugged. He had no idea. Not like there were a lot of people that he even had. Maybe Natasha, and that is all. No group to be faithful to either. Especially after…

“Don’t know. Did not really think I needed to think about it.” He tried to joked with his imprisonment. But it was not that funny. He would prefer to be free and think about it than not.

Tony did not laugh. Clint guessed that he did not find it funny. Considering the people around him, maybe he is too full of humor like that.

“Why did you save me?” Clint asked. Natasha did not come, but Tony did. He wanted to know why. What he wanted to know even more was why Natasha did not come, but he doubted that Tony knew.

“You are part of the Avengers.” was Tony’s reply.

Clint blinked. For SHILED, the Avengers Initiative was something Nick Fury did to occupy Coulson. Sure he believed it was a good idea, but without Coulson running would be unproductive. There is no way that SHIELD will keep supporting the Avengers.

But he guesses that for Tony, maybe even Bruce, the situation was different. Maybe even Steve and Thor would be interested. That is most of the Avengers already. And if nothing else SHIELD would ask Natasha to join them just to make sure they would not do something too destructive.

“You can’t trust me.” Clint said.

Tony turned to him with a glare. He looked him up and down and Clint felt like he could see inside of him. Which was non-sense.

“I don’t care what allegiance you have, I trust you.” Tony said eventually, but his speaking was slow, like he weighed his every word.

“Allegiance?” Clint asked, as he put the glass down. The ones that capture and torture him or the ones that would not save him, lets they risk revealing themselves.

“SHIELD, Hydra… it is all the same for me.”

Clint moved quickly and he had Tony pined down underneath him. There was nobody that knew about his allegiance to Hydra. Or at least supposed allegiance. What was Tony doing?

Then he realized that he outed himself. But Tony to be even taking a guess like that means that he already knew a lot.

The next moment he could feel the depression taking hold of him and him getting weaker. He willed himself to be strong, but he was fighting a losing battle. A couple of seconds later, Tony could easily pushed him away, as he stood up.

Tony looked at him in indifference and Clint just wanted to be alone. There is no way that there is anything good on the world. Coulson dies and Natasha don’t like him. There is nothing to live for anymore.

Just as quickly as the emotion came, it also left. Clint blinked away the last part of them, as he realized inside of him, that he was just attacked by the empath.

So either Tony is empath, which is not very likely, or he employes one and he trust him, which is even less likely. He sat up, his arm on his leg and looked up at Tony. “I guess you are also hiding things from people.”

“Not that anybody would believe if you told them.” He said.

“You asked me what now.” Tony started. He waited until Clint nodded. He apparently did not like being ignored. “I just want to put another piece on the board. Simply because I think you will do me more good than bad.”

“If you are wrong?” Clint asked.

“I am never wrong.” was Tony’s confident reply. He then pointed to the nearby drawer. “There are finances for a first couple of days in there, a couple of cloths.” He pointed to the wardrobe. “The copy of your bow is in the there. I made some improvements. But I could not get the original one.” He then shrugged. “Any questions?”

Clint stood up to look at the bow that Tony pointed out. He put the arrows on his back and took one and fired it. It went right next to Tony’s head and ended up in the wall on the opposite side. He tired the string again.

“Nice work.” He said as he put the bow back on his bag along with the arrows. He also took both guns in there. He then looked at the arrow that was there.

“You really believe that Avengers still exist?” He asked.

“Of course they do.” Tony said. “When we are needed, w are all going to be there.”

Tony waited a couple of more seconds, then turned around to leave.

Clint looked up. “And Tony?” Tony stopped as he titled his head back to listen, but did not turn. “Thank you. For everything.”