John’s Skyfall [BBC Sherlock / James Bond (Skyfall) Fanfiction]

John entered the room, that he was currently living in. He wished that he would have remembered to to put the gun closer to the doors, not in the box under the bed. He walked closer, listening to the breading of the person there.

“I noticed that you noticed me already, John.” said the male voice.

John’s body sagged in relief and he had to lean on the wall. He turned on the light and he saw the face of his brother. The same brother that had left them grieving for his death again.

That same brother brother had a photo in his hand, the one with him and Mary, that was usually placed in the living room.

John also noticed the bottle in James hand, the wet clothes that he had on himself and sighed. He was tipsy after drinking out with Lestrade, so he was not sure he is really sober enough to be the voice of reason. He hoped he could be.

“Take a shower, already.” said John as he took his way to the kitchen. “Unless you came back from the dead just to die of pneumonia or something worse.”

John was preparing two cups of hot cacao. Both of them needed something their system, plus it gave his hands something to do. He then took the cover and a pillow from the drawer and put it on the sofa. He also brought one of his pyjamas. He than sat down, starting to drink his cacao.

James came back, draped in one of John’s bathrobes, that were too small on him, but James did not seems to mind. John could see the remainder of the shoot wound on James’ collar. He guessed that it was not the only wound that was not sufficiently healed. The wound got hidden when James sat down.

John pushed one of the cups into his hands, and glared at him. James looked at the cup in his had in distrust.


John nodded, as he looked like he tried to make holes in James’ head with his look.

“Really, cacao?” James asked again.

“Something wrong with cacao?” John asked.

“It’s cacao.” James said, as he pointed to the cup. “Don’t you usually make tea?”

John blinked. “I don’t make tea that frequently.”

Now James looked at him in disbelief. “You need reality check.”

“And you need sugar.” John said, as he continued looking at him. He nodded with satisfaction, as James started to slowly sip the cacao in his hand.

James did not seems to be hurt, nor sick, just tired. He noticed that he is favouring his nondominant hand, because of the old wounds that he saw just before. But there is nothing that he could help with, especially tipsy.

“Your girlfriend?” asked James, as he looked at the picture that he had in his hands before.

John took the picture in his hands, a small smile in his face. “Yes. We work together.”

“A doctor?” James asked.

“A nurse, actually.” John said, as he put the picture back. “She is great.”

“I see she is good for you.” James said, taking another sip of his cacao. “You look great together.”

John narrowed his eyes. He glanced back at the picture, and then concentrated on the James’ face. “She is not a terrorist, right?”

“She is not a terrorist.” James said with a depan face. “Nor she ever was.”

John relaxed again. “I would hate repeating that experience.”

“Why don’t you have our picture anywhere?” James asked, as he looked around.

“And you would be all right with it?” John asked with surprise.

James shuggered. But John knew that he would mind. Too risky.

John yawned. He really was sleepy. “Need anything else?” asked John, as he looked at James.

He was looking at him with interest, but his eyes were soft, unusual for him. He then grinned. “Do you have any pyjamas in my size?”

“Why would I have them?” asked John, as he drunk the rest of his cacao. Then he took both of their cups and the bottle of whiskey that James had been drinking. “Get some sleep, James.” he said as he left the room.

But he could still hear a muffled reply from the living room: “Yeah, yeah, doctor.”

The next morning, John looked at sleeping James’ face. He paused as he went and make breakfast. He was joined just as he was finishing making the meal. He put the plate in front of James and started nibbling on his own toast, as he sat down. He also took a sip from his cup of coffee.

There were eating like that is silence for a while. John finished first, as he took his plate to clean it. “You still need to get the shrapnel out.” he said. “Whoever gave you medical help, was not very skilful.”

John turned around just as James was rolling his eyes, as he took another bit of the bacon. “Not every one of us can be a medical doctor.”

John continued to look at him, his hands crossed in front of him now. He could see James becoming just a tiny but uncomfortable, but it would be hard to see for anybody but his brothers. James looked away.

“Any plans for today?” asked John, as he went from the room and brought back the first aid kit, that he was having in his bathroom. He looked at James in expectancy, as James removed the upper part and John started to work on removing the shrapnel.

“I have meeting with M. She needs to clear me for active duty, before allowing me back on the field.”

They discussed the pros and cons of different scenarios, and John volunteered to get some clothes for James, but was refused.

James took the shrapnel parts that John got from him. He was preparing to leave. James turned back to John, and wanted to say something, and he started: “About your new girlfriend… never mind. Doesn’t matter.” John looked at him in a weird way, but when no answer was forthcoming, he waived him away, as he left the house. Then he hurried through the house. He was already late for his work.

Later that day, he was talking to Mary, when he got a message on his phone. He laughed at the joke that she had just told him.

The message was from a unknown number and it said: “Cleared for duty.”. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but also smiled at the text.

“Should I be jealous?” asked Mary, but she was saying that is a joking way. “It seems like you are cheating on me.”

“Not a fan of incest.” said John, as he pocket his phone. “Just a good news.”

“I am glad.” she said, as she put him down for a kiss. He gladly joined her. If James was cleared for duty, than he could stop worrying about him.