Inside my Cross [BBC Sherlock / MCU Fanfiction]

John was sitting in the coffee shop alone, as he was reading the book. There was nobody next to him. There was a pot of the white tea in front of him, still steaming from the cup with some tea inside as well. He changed the page, his look intense on the plot of the story.

Natasha was sitting on the rooftop, having a rifle pointed at him. She was smiling as she looked at him through the rifle, not moving even though the pose was getting uncomfortable. But she had been sitting there for quite some time, and did gave no indication of moving.

John stood up and smiled as the blonde woman and a black haired man walked to him and the man put the hand on his shoulder. She was having a child in her arms and was rocking him up and down.

John seems to exchange a couple of words with him, his exasperation clearly seen. But it was fond exasperation, not something that that he would be really annoyed by. He drunk the last cup and tried to check if there was some more tea in the pot, but there was none.

The black haired man rolled his eyes, as he waived his hands around, trying to convince him of something. He looked impatient, like there is no time for something to happen. That they were already late for something. But it was too far away for lipreading.

The woman put the baby girl into John hands, as she stood up to find the waiter. John looked at the baby and he made a couple of childish noises. He was always the one that was good with children. Surprisingly as it was.

As she came back, she took the baby from John and said something with a smile, getting a response. John waived them first, and they walked in front of him, the man turning to look at him from time to time.

As they exited the tea shop, the black haired man managed to call the taxi in under a minute. It seems to be really quick, and he just entered it, not really carrying. The woman followed.

Before John entered the taxi, he looked up, with a confused face. Natasha was convinced that she was well hidden, and that there is no way they will be able to find her. She was sure she would not even be seen from down there.

Even so he looked in the right direction, even in the right height and Natasha’s pulse quickened. But she still did not move. John just looked at there, like searching for something, for a couple of seconds.

Then he startled and he looked at the taxi, entering it as well, and the black taxi car drove away.

Natasha put the rifle back into her bag with a great precision, and stood up with the bag on her shoulder.

She felt the mobile phone vibrating in her pocket and she checked, seeing a message from Clint as to her being late. She answered that she is going to be there soon and left the building, no trace of her left.