Immortal Series: Graveyard [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Kaito was leaving the graveyard, when he saw a child standing alone under the roof of an old temple. Figuring he does not have anything else to do, he walked to the temple. Aoko would never leave a lonely child alone. Something that she gets from him.

The child looked lost in thought, sitting with his back leaning to the wall, looking up. He had a serious expression that Kaito had only seen once before in the child’s face. Come to think of it, he did look similar as well.

“Are you lost?” Kaito asked, as he came close to the child, still careful to leave enough space between them. He did not want to scare a poor child.

The child jerked his head to look at him in surprise. Then in the next second a smiling face was put on. One that Kaito had seen a lot when he was smaller. “I am fine. I am just waiting for my parents.”

Kaito looked around, but there was nobody there. And in this rain, it would be unusual for anybody to be walking around. He looked at the boy, and smiled. He sat down next to him, putting his umbrella next to him. The boy seems to be taken aback, not expecting that, and he blinked. He did not know what to expect.

Kaito used his confusion, and put a deck of cards from the pocket. “Do you want to see a magic trick?”

The boy slowly nodded, but Kaito could not see a lot of enthusiasm there. He motioned for the boy to take a card, and the boy slowly did it. Kaito looked at him and he looked the card from all directions. Interesting.

The boy looked at Kaito and he motioned to put the card back. Kaito mixed the cards, noticing with what intense concentration the child was looking at his cards. Then Kaito put the upper card up and it was the spade of seven.

The child rrolled his eyes. “That was an easy trick.”

“Oh?” Kaito said, as he continued mixing the deck. It did not happen frequently that people were able to follow the speed of his hands.

“You did not mix the card with the others. You had put it on the top at the end. That is why you put the card with your whole hand.” the child said.

Kaito smiled, but inside his mind was starting to work. This was too strong of a feeling to be just a deja vu. “I see we have a critic here.” He put the deck of cards away. Maybe…

The child looked away. “Critic?” The child smirked, but there was no satisfaction there. “Yes, I guess I am.”

Could it really be? He had put a hem of the cap lower over his face. “What had happened to you?”

Child looked at him, figuring out his mask slipped. “Why do you ask that?” He smiled, but Kaito was no longer fooled.

“What had happened to you, detective? I was under the impression you solved that problem.”

The child looked like he is going to pretend to be confused. But was stopped before he could say anything.

“Is it still Conan? Or did you choose a different name this time, Kudou?” Kaito was turned, looking over the graveyard. But he was still keeping an eye on the child.

The child’s face was a rainbow of different emotions, that were all expressed in a couple of seconds. Then the attentive, confident detective face came there. It did not take more than a couple of second, to utter a response. “KID?”

That was quick. He grinned at Conan next to him. “I would ask you what gave me away, but I am more interested in that.” He waived his hand to indicate Conan’s condition.

“I don’t know.” Conan said, a frustration coloring his voice. “Haibara was the only one that knew about the drug.”

“She had been dead for decades.” Kaito noted. He remembered it. She died in Stockholm, protecting her fellow Nobel prize winners from extremists. “Is there nobody else?”

“There wasn’t.” Conan said. “It was her project from start to finish.”

Which, now that Kaito thinks about it, would make it creepy how close they were. Does he not possesses any self-perseverance instinct? Not that he was one to point that out. But he already knew he lacked his.

Kaito noticed that the rain was slowly stopping. He stood up, and took his umbrella. “I think we will be much more comfortable inside. Come on.”

Conan looked at him in surprise. “You are inviting me home?”

“Yes?” Kaito said slowly. What was Conan… “I have not been a criminal for over half a century.”

Conan stood up and he started to walk next to him. They were walking in silence for a couple of minute, nearing the exit of the graveyard. There was nobody there.

They made their way to the exit. “I am certain you story is just as weird as mine.”

Kaito looked surprised at Conan, and he saw him looking forward solemn. “My story?”

“You don’t walk like an old person, and the speed of the hand show you don’t have anything on them. So that means you had not aged at all.”

Kaito smiled, as he looked forward. “If my hunch is correct, you are in for the same ride. And let me warn you, it is going to be bumpy. A bit.”

The came closer to the station in front of the graveyard, and there were people there. So Conan stopped asking questions for now.