Immortal Series: Finding Pandora [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Kaito entered the pub in the village. He saw that even though it was a middle of the day, there were some people there. He could see that people looked in his direction, trying to figure out what is a foreign like that doing in their village. But there was no suspicion.

Kaito smiled, as he came to the bartender. “Chicha morada.”

He took a seat bar at the, as he waited for the bartender to get him his drink.

“Thank you.” Kaito said in fluent Spanish, as he took the drink. “Can you tell me where could I find a place to sleep? I was hoping I could stay here a day or two.”

“We don’t get a lot of tourists here.” another person in the bar asked.

Kaito looked in surprise. “I don’t know why, it is a nice village.”

“It is, isn’t it?” the person said, as he took his drink.

Kaito sipped his drink, while looking around the room and taking the atmosphere in. It was relaxed and it did not look like people are in a hurry at all. He was sure that most of them are relaxing and then they will go to their families.

There came a man in his early thirties. “I heard that you are looking for a place to stay?”

Kaito put his drink away. “Yes. I want to look around a little.”

One conversation later and Kaito had a place to sleep tonight. He spend the rest of the day simply exploring the village, striking the conversation with as many people as possible and buying supplies that he will need next. The next day was the same.

The third day, he woke up early, and bid goodbye to the people there, continuing on his road. He spend a couple of hours walking to the foot of the mountain, but there was no other traveling possibility. He sat down and looked at his map. So far it seems like he was on the right track.

He continued on this road until late afternoon, when he arrived at the cliff. he found a nice place to set a tent. He ate some of the food and drunk water, enjoying the last pieces of light outside. He was so close to the goal. He also knew that tomorrow will be harder.

He woke in time to enjoy the sunrise in the distance. It was beautiful and seeing the view bathed in its light was breathtaking. It put a smile on his face.

He climbed the rest of the mountain, making sure to stay on track. It was hard work, but he managed to reach the cave and entered it. He looked around and at the first sight it looked just like a normal cave.

He pulled out the flashlight and walked further in, looking around. He then saw in front of him two skeletons lying on the ground. He had to stop for a moment, then he focused the light on them. They had to been here for a while. There was not a fibber left on them.

Kaito was continuing very carefully, since he did not want to end up like them. Until he came in front of the wall. It was a dead end.

Kaito examined the wall, but it looked like a normal wall. He pat it, thinking what to do now, when he looked at his arm. There was blue dust stuck on it. The same blue dust that was in the ground. He smelled it and then he took a lighter out and fired the place that he had touched before.

The fire revealed a picture made out of a spider web like lines. Kaito took a step back and looked at it, revealing a picture of an old magician. The one that Kaito knew from the stories that his father had told him.

He took a stick and put some of that powder on the stick, completing the image. When the image was complete, the wall opened.

Kaito entered there and it was on the pedestal, like the story said. He walked there, but then he noticed that the ground was uneven. Like there was something carved in it. He looked at it, and it was a magic circle. He stepped back, making sure that he was outside of it.

“What I am supposed to do now?”