Valentine? What is that? [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Shinichi had run to the garden floor before the commotion passed. He still did not understand why the thief would have made his exit route known to everybody, but that was KID they were chasing. Most of the time people did not even imagine what it was inside his head. It was too confusing.

The door to the garden opened. Shinichi carefully walked to the middle of it, mindful to not spring any traps. He looked for the man who was known as the moonlight magician, the white in the darkness. He was not there yet.

His was waiting like that for a couple of minutes, until he could feel the presence behind himself. Shinichi quickly turned and then tried to smack himself for being this nervous. With the black organization gone, he could have relaxed more. But the old habits die hard.

KID had amused smile on his face, as he stood there all relaxed, with his hands in his pockets. He smirked.

"Feeling jumpy today, detective?"

Shinichi glared at KID. He was not happy that KID was making him lose his valentine evening. He would ditch him and went to the date with Ran, if not for Sonoko begging him to catch KID. She should just forget KID and concentrate on Makoto.

"Really, you look like you don't want to be here." He said, as he raised his arms.

Shinichi sighed. "I don't. But Sonoko insisted and Ran is unable to say no to her." He walked to him. "So would you mind just giving me the jewel, I let you go and we can all get back to the celebrating Valentine."

KID looked confused. "What's valentine? And why it is worth celebrating?"

Shinichi blinked. That is the answer that he did not expect. Especially since he imagined that KID was high school or university student. So he should have seen girls giving chocolate. "Valentine? The holiday of lovers?" he asked.

"It is today?" KID looked confused.

"Since it is the 14th of February, I would say yes." Shinichi said. "Did you not notice the women giving the men chocolate?"

"That was romantic?" KID said and now it looked like he looked sick. He them muttered "I can't believe I asked Akako to give me one."

"What did you say?" Shinichi asked.

"Nothing." KID made a rose appear in his hand, and started to play with it. "It is not a promise, right?"

"Well, if you liked it, then in month time, on the 14th of March, you gave them something back."

KID looked like he relaxes, as he exhaled. Shinichi actually wondered happened. There was a story behind it.

Then the KID took the flower and threw it. Shinichi caught it and realized that it had jewel on it. "Tell Ran that I apologize." he said, as he took of.

Shinichi was looking at the jewel, then shuddered. It doesn't really matter. He returned the jewel to the inspector Nakamori, and made his way out.

On the way he noticed a person that looked like him asking a girl for chocolate. Hakuba was also standing next to him. He acted like an idiot, but could it be...

At that moment Sonoko knocked him on the shoulder and he turned around. She looked displeased. "I thought you will bring KID here?"

Ran was standing next to her, looking apologetic.

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "I have better things to do than worry about that." He then noticed the paper in Ran's pocket. "Mind if I see that?"

"What is that?" Ran took the paper from her pocket. "Miss Mouri, Sorry for ruining your date. Kaitou KID?"

Sonoko took the paper and started to complain why she got nothing, and Shinichi glanced at the direction of that look alike of him. Then he turned back to Ran and smiled. "Hungry?"