Student Exchange [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Kudou Shinichi

As soon as he woke up, Shinichi realized that he is not in his house. Not that he had given any indication. He just lied in bed, until he remembered the deal with that magician. He groaned.

He stood up from the bed, glad that for once there were no explosions. Considering in what house was he, it was too calm.

He looked through the bag, to see what Kaito had prepared him for his day. He shook his head at the props for tricks. He decided to also include at least one notebook and pen.

On the way he stopped to buy a newspaper as well, but there was nothing interesting written in it. He still pocketed it.

A little before entering the school, he could see a girl waving at him. He recognised her as Nakamori Aoko, inspectors daughter and Kaito's classmate and friend. He waved back and waited for her to reach him.

"Aoko, how are you?" asked Shinichi, as she reached him. "Staying up late again because of your father?"

"Not my fault he is having a lot of work because of that good for nothing thief." Aoko said, as they started to walk toward the school.

Shinichi inwardly flinched, but he did not show anything on the outside. It must be hard. Not only lying to the best friend, he had experience with that, but also his best friend hating his other persona. No wonder Kaito has low self-esteem.

"Well, KID might actually have a good reason for doing it." Shinichi said after listening to her for a while. "It is not like anybody knows why he does it."

"It is still wrong." Aoko said, as she started to go quicker. Shinichi decided to not try to aflame this short temper. If she was anything like Ran, or even Sera, it could be dangerous.

They reached the classroom, and Aoko took her chair, not noticing the people in the room. She was steaming from anger and looked outside from the window.

But Shinichi stopped at seeing one of the other high school detective sitting in the front row, with the book in front of his face. Considering the concentration, it must have been a really interesting book. He wished that Kaito would warn him beforehand.

Around Aoko the rest of the girl gathered and they started to talk about KID. It seems that she was a minority about supporting KID, but they were also more tactful about it.

Shinichi made his way to his chair and made the newspaper appear from the thin air. It was an easy trick, and the newspaper actually came from the bag, but it seems like it was something Kaito would do.

He started to read about the serial killer that was ramping around Osaka. Hattori called him about it. It seems that they still had no clue about it, but it also did not seemed like a case that Hattori could not handle by himself.

In that moment he noticed that a purple haired woman lowered the newspaper from his face. He hoped that he was not expected to talk with her, since he had no idea who she was. He figured that Kaito most likely got a easier way out. Not to mention he probably made all the research beforehand.

"Not sure it is a good day for that." she said, as she leaned closer to Shinichi, who leaned back. "Some other day would have been better."

"For what?" Shinichi said, as he tried to appear as unconcerned as possible. "It is not like I am planing anything for today."

"That is hard to believe." Hakuba said, as he now turned back to Shinichi. "Resting after the long night?"

"I slept quite well, thank you." said Shinichi to him. "Or were you expecting me doing something else?"

"You know what I mean." Hakuba said, but he looked at Aoko with this words.

"Hakuba, you are wrong." She giggled, but for some reason Shinichi was more scared than before. "He is not a thief."

With these words she left that place and sat herself down again, getting quickly surrounded by boys.

"But nothing happened yesterday, right?" Hakuba asked.

Shinichi was still looking after Akako, so the questions surprised him, as he turned back to Hakuba. "Nothing." He looked back at Akako. "What's up with her?"

"Nothing more than usual." Hakuba said. He than lowered his voice. "Something is amiss, so be careful."

With these words he turned around. Shinichi now noticed that the teacher appeared and that they are to start the class. And the first lesson was on English.

By the fifth minute, Shinichi was bored. He could not believe the level of the teaching here. Sure, he had to take into account, that he was during two years at the same time, but at least the English hours were fun from time to time. Especially now that Jodie came to help again. Not today, since she was sick, but other days.

But here they were during drills and explanations for sentences forming only.

The teacher was nervelessly looking at him from time to time, but Shinichi dismissed it as insignificant. It is not like he was planing to do something. Then he realized that she is not seeing him, but Kaito, and maybe Kaito is always planing something.

Shinichi could feel the empathy. The lessons were downright boring.

He could feel the message appear in his phone. He did not even care about what the professor is going to say, and he took the phone out and read Kaito's message: 'How many papers do you need to write?'

He smiled as he glanced at the teacher, who was just ignoring him. He wrote a reply: 'A lot. More interesting than your classes.' and chuckled. If Kaito can get thrown into the deep end of the pool with school work, than maybe he should be as well. Just not with school work but with entertaining himself.

He looked around, trying to deduce as many people as possible, to try and predict their reactions. Beside the purple haired female from before, it was not that hard. For some reason his intuition was going against his detective instinct. He honestly did not feel like he wants to know her secret.

He than looked at his bag, and noticed that he has everything for what he had in mind. He quickly checked the trick on the internet. It took him less than five minutes to figure out how is he going to do it. And then another ten of him witting and playing with paper, to have the preparations finished.

He looked around, and then he threw a smoke bomb, managing to quickly move and deposit one of the papers on each desk, even the purple haired one. Then he added the paper rose to each of them. Not that they were normal paper roses, then each had a distinct smell and were needed for the second part.

He was bored, so he added a flower crowns on a couple of people. He did it on Hakuba as well, just because he figured that Kaito would have not missed him.

The dust settled and none of them were startled. So it was an everyday occurrence. They realized that they have a paper with correct answers on their table, along with the flower. Then Shinichi smiled, as some of them touched them, and they were covered with colourful dust.

But he also noted that some of them did looked at them in distrust. Even the ones that picked them up were with the long suffering face, of lets get this over with feeling. Hakuba was in the second group.

He made sure that only some people, including the teacher, had these colourful flowers. Neither Aoko, Hakuba nor the purple haired women had one of these.

The teacher also had the biggest colourful dust cloud, so unlike the students that only got some, the teacher was covered in it completely. Shinichi wondered if he went overboard, since he doubted that the teacher could see anything.

The teacher then run away from the class, and Shinichi looked at him in surprise.

Hakuba turned back to him. "Less than a week. That must have been a new record."

Shinichi shuddered. "He was not strong willed enough." He took a book from his bag and started to read the book on the usage of the sleeping drugs and how they can be detected by forensics. He decided to ignore Hakuba and read until the next class. Seemed like the safest bet.

Shinichi continued to read the book, when the next teacher came to the room. He did not even bother to look up from the book, until he got the chalk to the head. Then he saw the teacher with a bunch of papers in her hands. He decided to sigh loudly, as he realized what had happened. Did Kaito made him write practice tests for entrance exams?

"Kaito, could you try to not disturb class this time?" the teacher said, as she put the papers down. She also did not seems to be convinced that this is going to work.

"Promise I won't do anything while exam is in session. No promises for afterwards." Shinichi said, as he grinned. There was one way he could get back at Kaito. Especially considering how he always wanted to pretend he was average in public.

Teacher did not seems to be convinced, but she also seems to have given up on trying to get him to not do anything. She started to pass along the exam papers.

Shinichi waited to get his own paper, and for the teacher to stop talking about the rules and so on. It was a short mock exam, so it would only last 40 minutes. Then she gave a sigh to start.

When Shinichi turned around, he smiled even more. It was chemistry and there was no way, that he would not be able to get a perfect score on it.

He was surprised that it was that easy. Some nomenclature questions for organic chemistry, then the differences between different groups of organic structures. It followed with some of the amino acids and then with the reductions. There were also chemical reactions between different salts, acids and bases. The exam finished with the periodic table knowledge and some calculations about the chemical mass.

Shinichi finished in twenty minutes, even with additional notes and footnotes that he had added. He pushed the paper away and glanced at the teacher, that just looked at him in surprise, but also suspicion. He smiled at her, and stood up, even when it was technically against the rules, depositing the paper on her table and went back to reading his book. There is no way that he is going to be looking in the air for twenty minutes that were left.

A couple of minute later he also noticed Hakuba finishing, but unlike him, he remained seated at his chair and did not rise up. Not that it was Shinichi's thing to worry about. If Hakuba wants to stare in the air and think, he can.

Most of the rest of the class, that Shinichi could see from his chair, was actually working hard on it, and they seems to be having problems as well. Two of the people in the row in front of him were even biting the pencils. One of the others was looking depressed at the paper and stopped writing. Shinichi doubted that she will be be able to continue.

He wondered why the rest of them were so worried about it. He knew that there are a lot of suicides in the third year of high school, he participated in the detective work for multiple of them, but he never understood the feeling.

The time was up, and the teacher was walking around collecting papers and talking with them. She then left the room as quickly as possible, like she was afraid something was going to happen to the papers. She said that she is going to be back after break.

Shinichi now noticed that every one in the class was looking at him in a weird way. He looked at all of them, but since none were offering the explanation, he stood up and left the classroom. It was a break anyway.

After he exited the classroom, he could feel somebody following him. He continued down the hall, and when seeing the stars to the roof, he decided to just go and take some air.

He left the doors behind him opened as he looked at the city below. It was different than Beika, but not that different. Still, it shows that each part of Tokyo has a unique style. After all, Tokyo alone has more citizens than some countries.

He could hear steps coming closer, and he turned around to see who was following him. He was surprised to fine a purple haired girl from his class. Not the person he was expecting. And he did not even know who it was. Kaito's girlfriend?

"I know you are not Kuroba." she said, as she went and sat down at the edge. "And I am not planing to commit suicide, so don't worry."

Shinichi retraced this arms, that he had forward, hoping to catch her, if she wanted to fall down. He let them fall down to his body, just hanging there. He sat down. "For my defence, it was his idea."

"I know." she said, not looking at him. "You have that devil like aggressiveness to you. Otherwise I would have missed it as well. Since you are also protected from my charm."

"Not that you are not pretty, but I have a girlfriend." Shinichi said.

"My magical charm." Akako said with a smile. "And it is real magic, unlike the triks that Kuruba is using. "

Shinichi looked at her in scepticism. "Sorry miss, but you are speaking like the magic exist. Which everybody know it does not."

She smiled an enigmatic smile. "Want to bet on it?"

"The last time I went to bet something, it put me in this mess." He stood up to leave. "And I don't like betting when I know that I am going to win."

"Kuroba could tell you that you would lose." She said, and she looked as confident as before. "Let me give you a piece of warning. During lunch break, go back to your own school. The flower festival is going to lead to poisoning. Too bad for allergies."

She walked away and down the stair again. Shinichi shuddered, but then decided to just ignore the weird encounter. Except for one thing. Festival as in school festival and how some of his classmates were trying drugs, especially amphetamines, or in the worst case, the opium that they would produce themselves with puppy seeds. It is why he asked the nurse to stuck on the Naloxone. Would have worked in either case.

And a person form the neighbouring class, Takada Hino, could have potentially have deadly reaction from taking it.

But that would mean that he would be trusting somebody that think magic is real. He can not fall that low to be worried because of the words of the lunatic.

He went back to the class, preparing to spend another two hours being bored.

When he entered class, being a minute late, he appeared in his chair without anybody noticing how it happened. Well, Shinichi was sure Hakuba, and maybe that weird woman did, but nobody else.

The words still did not leave him alone, so he wrote Kaito a message: 'You don't really believe in magic, right? I mean real magic, not tricks like the ones you do.'

He glared at the mobile phone as he waited for an answer. He already realized that as long as he is not completely destroying the class, everything is allowed for him.

He quote the answer quite quickly. But it was only: 'Akako can be quite persuasive.' Which did not help Shinichi at all. He had exactly as much information as before.

The lunch break had come, and Shinichi relaxed. He did not think that school could be this boring. Then he remembered his time as Conan, and looked around. It was almost as boring as the first grade, and at the first grade at least there were not just lectures, but had art and other things to do.

He noticed Hakuba turning to him, as he took the lunch from his bag. It was homemade fruit salad, in a small and nice, elegant cup with a fork. He had a strawberry milk with him as well, and Shinichi noticed that it was of a soy variety.

Aoko had also brought home made lunch, and it was sandwich. Shinichi did not bother deducing the contents.

He allowed himself a look back, and noticed that the weird purple haired person was getting lunch from multiple men. And all of them looked like it was the greatest honour that she even took their lunch, even if she ate something else.

Shinichi turned around and looked out the window.

"You seems to be quite interested in Akako today." said Aoko next to him.

Shinichi turned to her, and started to think. Coincidence? Not very likely. "I am just interested."

Aoko poked him in the hips. "Seems to be a little out of your league, right?" She turned to Hakuba, who nodded, but it looked like just out of politeness and was intently looking at Shinichi.

"Idiot, why would I be interested in her." Shinichi said, as he rolled his eyes. He took his own lunch out, the three pieces of fruit and two energy bars. A lot simpler lunch than the rest of them. He is missing Ran's lunches. Come to think of it, he is missing Ran as well.

"Well, it just always seems like Kaito is not interested in anybody." Aoko said, as she looked at lunch.

Hakuba leaned forward now, intensely looking at Shinichi, like only now realizing something. He looked a couple of seconds more, to conform his deduction. He than pulled on Shinichi's cheek.

"Why would you do that for." Shinichi said, as he rubbed his cheek. That hurt.

"You are not Kuroba, right?" Hakuba said, with the smirk on his face. "But I can't quite figure out who are you."

"Don't joke, Hakuba." Aoko said, as she bumped him. "This is clearly Kaito."

Shinichi leaned back, as he looked at Hakuba. "Correct. What gave me away?"

Aoko blinked as she looked at him. "Don't joke about that, Kaito."

"You actually wrote the correct answered to the chemical test, you read books instead of looking at the newspaper the whole day, you pulled more pranks than Kaito normally does the day after. And you have a different pattern of hear growth above forehead."

Shinichi just shuddered, as he took his stuff in his bag. "Since this was his idea," he said, as he took the bag and stood up. "I think I am going to kick him out from my class."

"But who are you?" Shinichi could hear Hakuba say behind him, but he did not turn. He walked out of the class and to the nearest tram station. It is still going to take him close to an hour to reach his school, just in time to quickly check how the preparation fr festival are coming along.

As he came to the subway station, he noticed Hakuba behind him as bought the ticket. So he bought two and gave one to Hakuba hiding behind the group of people without explanation. Hakuba looked at it and then at Shinichi.

"Are you coming or not?" Shinichi said, "You can ask me questions on the way." he walked to the line where the subway for Beika was to come in 5 minutes. He sat down.

"We started on the wrong foot. Kudou Shinichi." Shinichi said, as he offered his hand for a handshake. Hakuba took his hand in his. "I am a high school detective, similar to you."

"You are the one that that Kansai idiot talks about." Hakuba said, as he sat down next to him. "I started to wonder if you were real, since you were nowhere to be find."

Shinichi laughed. He then waived his hand. "I did not want to be found. Even now I am trying to stay out of media, but at least living a normal life should be save."

He looked at Hakuba, that looked like he wanted to question a hell out of him. "It is a long story, and not really connected to this."

"So how did Kuroba talk you into this?" Hakuba asked in interest.

Shinichi looked a little uncomfortable at the questions, since it was part of that long explanation. "Let's just say that I owed him a favour. So we made a bet."

"A favour?" Hakuba said, as he looked in disbelief.

At this the train for Beika arrived and Shinichi stood up and walked inside of it. Hakuba followed him, still interested in the answer.

They found two empty seats, since it was not rush hour, and Shinichi looked around. The he lowered himself to Hakuba. "He helped to save a life of one of my friends." He said in a quieter voice. "Not that anybody knows it was him."

Hakuba then looked around the train. "And were are we going now?" he asked. He noticed that it is going south, but he had no idea where the end station is going to be.

"At my school. I told you that I can now kick Kuroba out of my class." he then looked around. "I am a student at Teitan high school."

The phone started to ring. Shinichi tried to get it, but it went out of his hands, and he run after it through the train. He finally got it. "It is Kaito." he said as an answer to Hakuba's questioning look.

"I did not expect you to call me.." he said as a hello.

"Well, there is a dead body lying on the ground. This is more your expertise." Kaito said, his voice sounded calm, and there was no usual joking undertones.

"Who?" said Shinichi. If it was Takada Hino...

"Who?" Kaito said in confusion. Shinichi could hear Ran talk in the background and then Kaito repeated the name. "Takada Hino."

So that means that there is still a chance he was alive. "How do you know he is dead?"

"Ah?" came Kaito's confused answer.

"How do you know he is dead?" Shinichi was getting tense. He did not have a good reception, and the sound of the train was too loud to hear properly. He started to walk toward the bathrooms. Maybe it will be quieter there

"Lack of pulse. I am sure that is somewhere in the definition of being dead." Kaito replied irritated.

"Did you personally checked it?" Shinichi demanded as he entered the bathroom.

"Yes. I checked the pulse in the wrist. Still nothing."

"Wrist is unreliable." Shinichi supplied as he leaned on the wall. "Does anybody has a mirror? Respiration is usually quicker to check."

"Does anybody has a mirror?" was Kaito's voice heard muffled through the phone. "He is breathing." Kaito murmured to himself. Then asked the people on his side: "Do you have any oxygen in this school? And somebody call an ambulance."

"And some Naloxone from the medical room and Marquis reagent or formaldehyde and sulphuric acid if you can't find any." said Shinichi through the phone, but already started to write the SMS to Ran and Sonoko. If they are quick enough, they will save him.

"And what?" Kaito asked.

The sound was better here, than in the compartment. "When Ran brings back the reagent, you are going to test it on the cup he was just drinking from and the food he was eating. If it turns dark greyish reddish brown, give him Naloxone."

Hakuba entered after him to the bathroom.

"Are you hiding in the bathroom?" asked Kaito.

"You are the one to talk." Shinichi said. He turned to Hakuba.

"We are about to enter a tunnel." he said. When Shinichi looked at him phone he cursed. The line was dead.

They needed another 10 minutes to get to the station, in which time Shinichi outlines the case to Hakuba, or at lest what he was suspecting and what Kuroba told him.

When they arrived at Beika's station, Shinichi jumped down, and started to make him way to the school, Hakuba following him. But Hakuba overrun him, when Shinichi suddenly stopped at seeing the ambulance. He also saw the two girls near him.

Shinichi saw Hakuba made his way to the gym, so he had made his way to the girls. "The ambulance needs to know what he was given." he said.

Both of them looked at him. He noticed that one of them was third year and the other was the first year. "I won't tell where I got the information if you tell me exactly what did you gave him."

The first year was shaking and she looked scared. She was constantly also glancing at the third year.

The third year glared at him, then sighed. She pulled the bottle of out her pocket, and she took the handkerchief to wipe the bottle and gave it to Shinichi. "It was not supposed to happen."

Shinichi looked at the bottle. It was medical methamphetamine and he shook his head. Somebody could get in a big trouble for that. The younger girl parent, from the look of it. "His allergy made the reaction quite predictable." he said, as he turned.

Shinichi made his way to the ambulance, giving all the information and even the bottle, so they know what they were dealing with. The thank him for it.

Then he made his way into the gym, where all the rest were gathered.

Kuroba Kaito

Kaito woke up in the unknown bed. He first tensed, but then he remembered the bet. A wide grin appeared on his face. This is going to be fun.

He stood up, took Shinichi's school uniform and checked if he has everything for school. He supposed that yes, but he missed the bag full of tricks. Not that he is going to bring some. After Shinichi gets discovered by Hakuba or even better Akako, he is going to embarrass him even more.

He can hear the door bell. "I am coming." and he was going down. But even so, the person ringing the door bell already entered. "Ran."

"Shinichi." She answered as she smiled. She was still nervous - the revelation must have been horrible for her, but she still held herself confident. "Ready for school?"

"Let me just grab something to eat." Kaito said, as he looked at the kitchen. He made sure to stay as far away from the fish bowl as possible. What kind of person has a golden fish for a pet?

He took and apple and he and Ran left for the school.

On the way there he was listening to the Ran explaining him about the tournament that she was about to enter.

"But if I win, I am going to have the chance to fight the best male participant in Japan." she looked worried about something. Kaito could not imagine about what.

"Don't worry. You are the strongest person I know. It will be a piece of cake." Kaito said, as he tired to cheer he up.

"That is not what I am worried about. What will Sonoko say?" Ran said, as she looked at him.

Kaito was thinking about. Then he remembered that a karate expert from that heist was Sonoko's boyfriend and his name was Makoto. "I am sure she will understand it is a karate thing."

"It is not a karate thing." Ran said, but she looked at him in a weird way. Like there was something that she could not explain. But she seems to let go.

Sonoko joined them in a way, and Kaito relaxed as he simply listened to Sonoko explaining about a movie star, that she was inviting Ran to meet. Ran seems to be quite excited, so he left them to their own devices.

They entered the classroom, and Kaito noticed a lot of people saying hello to him, thinking he is Kudou Shinichi. He also noticed some weird looks, so he decided to test a theory and joined a group that looked like soccer players. He noticed that they stopped looking inexplicably at him. So Shinichi spent his time in school away from Ran and Sonoko? Something Kaito was surprised to find out. But it is going to be an easier victory for him.

"So Kudou, found any interesting women recently?" A tall guy asked him, as he had a leered face on him. "I heard that the assistant to the women sport's teacher was great."

"Well..." Kaito looked at Ran, who was explaining something to Sonoko now. "It is hard not to. My fans can be quite persistent."

He smiled at the other person, as he looked him up. "Do you need some support for the assistant?"

"Who needs support for watching." He said. "I don't have the chance. You are the man here, Shinichi."

"Yeah." Kaito said, as he heard the bell. He did not expect Shinichi to be that popular.

The first class was boring. He was starting to think, that he was going to be bored for the whole day, when the teacher had dropped a pile of papers on his table. Kaito looked up, startled. The teacher smiled at him, as she continued to explain the organic chemistry to the rest of the class.

Kaito took the papers and noticed that it was a paper returned on the use of the different alkaloids and the chemical processes to differentiate between them, along with the tests showing how accurate are they. Written by Kudou Shinichi. There were quite a couple of notes and written on it as well, with the final mark still being an in the 90ties level. After that, there were a numbers of articles on the use of organic chemistry in creating the pain-releasing drugs, and an explanations for another paper that Shinichi was supposed to write, this time on the identification of the different burned organics compounds.

Kaito took an phone and without the teacher noticing he sent an SMS to Shinichi: 'How many papers do you need to write?'

He did not need to wait long, less than a minute, when he got his answer: 'A lot. More interesting than your classes.'

Kaito looked at it, then he decided to read some of the articles. Unlike the basic organic chemistry that the teacher was going up about, it was bound to be at least partly interesting.

He spent the rest of the hour reading about a compound, that made people less concentrated, producing the sleeping like patterns in their brains, but not made them sleepy in the body. Kaito could think up a bunch of ways in how he could use something like that.

Kaito noticed in surprise, that not only did Shinichi get a paper to write, so did the rest of the class. Just that their paper was in the differences between the nomenclature for different compounds. As long with the ten pages of naming different organic compounds. He looked around, but nobody seemed surprised by the amount of work.

The break came and Kaito was listening to the male population in the class. He noticed that a lot of times, they asked him for opinions, thinking he was Shinichi. He found the practice unnecessary. But than again, he was not the best judge of what is normal, considering what his parent's job was and what they were teaching him.

He got a small pang and hoped that his mother is not going to be home today. It was hard to predict when is she going to drop by. He really did not wish his parents on any normal person.

He paused at this though as smiled. Well, it would also be interesting seeing Shinichi with his mother. He regretted not installing video cameras for just in case. He hoped his mother did.

The next one was world history, and they listened to the lectures about the French revolution. As least this time, there was no paper to write, but again a lot of homework. Not only that, Kaito notices that she gave him additional homework in place of Shinichi, but his was on the time from Ming dynasty in the China empire. When do the people have the time to do all this homework? He started to think back, if he could ever remember having this amount of homework. He could not. Even if the subject was not hard.

Similar situation repeated itself with the two English lessons that they had before lunch.

During English lessons he could feel the SMS coming to his phone. It was Shinichi and it has only one sentence: 'You don't really believe in magic, right? I mean real magic, not tricks that you do.'

Kaito almost started to laugh, but he stopped himself, as he did not want to draw attention to him. He did wrote back: 'Akako can be quite persuasive.'

Kaito relaxed a little, as the lunch came. He also looked at the pile of papers in suspicion.

He took his lunch out and decided to go and turn to Ran. There is no way that he could spend any more time with the idiots in the male group of the class. He started to wonder why Shinichi did.

Sonoko acted like it was a normal thing, and Kaito decided that it means he did not do anything wrong. He did feel a little unsettled, because Ran was looking at him in a weird way. Like there was something she was not sure of, that she could feel something was amiss.

After lunch, he expected to continue with another two hours of work, but all of the others started to leave the classroom, so he decided to follow them. From the talking around he, he noticed that all of the students are expected to help with the preparation for the festival. He realized that this could not be that bad.

Kaito quickly figured out, that he was in the drama part, as well as helping the chemistry groups with demonstration. Not just that, everybody wanted his advice.

"Kudou, do you think the schedule is all right?" She looked nervous as she talked to him. She offered him two pages and Kaito looked them up. It seems fine, for a school festival. But horrible if they wanted to make sure that people are going to stay as long as possible.

"Why is the main event in the afternoon, and not in the evening?" He asked. He imagined that the show should have been later.

The exchange was quick and he realized that she did put some though in it, at least on the logistic side. But he managed to drastically improve the schedule in five minutes.

Then he was asked to help with deciding about the position of the different food stalls. And about how to decorate the main hall. And what kind of flowers to do. And why was he asked about how to make sure nobody gets poisoned again? He actually did blink at that, reminding himself about the poker face. Poisoned?

He managed to find a free minute, and he checked the messages, but Shinichi was quiet. He wrote to him: 'Are poisonings frequent in your school?'

It took a short amount of time, but eventually he got the answer: 'My cooking or otherwise?'


'That was just one murder case.'

Kaito looked at the message, but decided to not ask for clarification. He saw Ran coming closer and he put a smile on his face, as he waved.

Ran came closer, and there was a determination on her face. "You are not Shinichi."

She leaned forward, so she crowded Kaito to the wall. Kaito tried to get out of the situation. He hoped his voice was not giving him away. "Who else should I be?"

Ran looked at his face, searching fro something. "Kaitou KID."

Kaito panicked inside his head. he did not know how to react to this situation. Sure, she was right, but he is not here as KID, he is here as Kuroba Kaito, pretending to be Kudou Shinichi.

"Stop joking, Ran." He said, as he side stepped her. "I think that people still need our help."

"Where did you tell me you love me for the first time?"

Kaito turned and looked at her. "What does that has to do with anything?" Where would Shinichi confess his love? He seems quite traditional, but not very romantic. Deflecting seems like a good tactic. "Now is not really the time for that."

"Just answer the question." She made a small sidestep and pulled her arms in front of her.

Kaito panicked. There is no way he could figure it out, and he did not want to be karate chopped. "You are right." Kaito admitted. "I am not Shinichi, but I am here with his full knowledge."

Ran searched his face. "He knows you are here?"

Kaito nodded. He needed her to not attack him. "He lost a bet."

They heard a scream and both of them looked and one another, then turned in that direction and ran there. They saw a unresponsive person on the ground, and the rest of them around.

. They saw a unresponsive person on the ground, and the rest of them around.

Kaito stopped himself for a moment, and he realized that all of the were watching him. He heard Ran talking next to him and telling them about the situation.

Kaito knelt in front of the body, and checked for the pulse in the arm. He did not feel any, and he sighed. This was not supposed to happen to him. He took the phone out and called his phone.

The phone rang for a long time, but it eventually got picked up. "I did not expect you to call me."

"Well, there is a dead body lying on the ground. This is more your expertise." Kaito said, as he let the mobile phone gets trapped between his shoulder and the ear.

"Who?" Shinichi asked, but his voice sounded like it was muffled a little.

"Who?" He looked around in confusion, and looked around but Ran supplied the answer. "Takada Hino."

"How do you know he is dead?" Shinichi asked.

"Ah?" Kaito looked confused.

"How do you know he is dead?" Shinichi patiently supplied. But there was some tension in his voice.

"Lack of pulse. I am sure that is somewhere in the definition of being dead." Kaito replied irritated.

"Did you personally checked it?" Shinichi demanded.

"Yes. I checked the pulse in the wrist." Kaito said, as he put the fingers on the wrist again. "Still nothing."

"Wrist is unreliable." Shinichi supplied. "Does anybody has a mirror? Respiration is usually quicker to check."

"Does anybody has a mirror?" Kaito asked the people around, and women started to check their bags. It was Sonoko, that first brought it out, and Kaito put it under Hino's nose, as he looked for the sign of condensation on it.

"He is breathing." Kaito looked up at the people. "Do you have any oxygen in this school? And somebody call an ambulance." He noticed a couple of his classmates taking out their phones.

"And some Naloxone from the medical room and Marquis reagent or formaldehyde and sulphuric acid if you can't find any." said Shinichi through the phone.

"And what?" Kaito asked.

Ran's and Sonoko's phones pinged and they checked the message. Sonoko looked at it confused, but she still run to the nursery. Ran went to their chemical cabinet.

Kaito looked down at the person, that he was supposed to be saving.

"When Ran brings back the reagent, you are going to test it on the cup he was just drinking from and the food he was eating. If it turns dark greyish reddish brown, give him Naloxone." Shinichi explained.

Kaito could hear the commotion in the back ground, like the doors were opening. "Are you hiding in the bathroom?"

"You are the one to talk." Shinichi said. Then he could hear a voice, that sounded a lot like Hakuba, and the line was cut.

Kaito knew better than to try to call it again. Hakuba could be a nusiance. He did not even know what was wrong with the person there, but he realized that Shinichi probably did, so he decided to simply head his words.

"So, can anybody tell me what the person was eating or drinking before this," he waived at the scene, "happened?"

He noticed that most of the people there were looking at him weirdly, but then one underclassmen, she must have been a first grade, said "He was drinking from the cup there." She nervelessly showed the spilled cup that was lying there. "I don't remember him eating anything, right?" She looked at the people around.

"I don't either. Not like there is much food there." said one of Shinichi's classmates, even though he still looked at Kaito in suspicion. "I don't believe people would be drinking much either."

Kaito looked at the cup. It did have a weird undersmell, like a sweet flowery scent.

Sonoko then came back, with Ran quickly cramming behind her. Ran was having a small bottle with her, and the Sonoko was carrying a needle. Kaito was looking at it is suspicion. He was not expected to administer the drug himself. But there was nothing seen on the outside.

"Can can you try to pour some of it on that cup." He said, as he indicated at the cup. He gave her a handkerchief. "Check if it becomes dark reddish greyish brown."

She took a handkerchief and she used it to wipe the inside of the cup, then dropping a drop on it. It changed colour quickly and it was dark reddish brownish. She offered a handkerchief back to Kaito.

It was missing the greyish tint, but he noticed that it most possibly what it was expecting, and the repository rate was been dropping fast, so he nodded to Sonoko and extended his arm, to take the needle.

He took the needle out, cleaned the place and pushed the needle in the arm. He looked at the patient, which slowly increased the breathing pattern, even though it was still weak. He also started to twitch.

The half of the crowd started to clap, mostly the first and some of the second year. The third year did not join, finding something weird worth the situation.

The ambulance finally arrived along with the police, and Kaito explained as much as he was able, which was not much. Inspector Megure and Shiratori were quite satisfied with not having to deal with the murder, but with what might have been only attempted murder.

He turned to Kaito, as he was finishing the explanation. "Kudou, do you have any idea who was responsible for this?"

Kaito looked around, as he looked at the people involved. "Not yet, inspector. I thought keeping person alive took precedence."

He looked around, trying to appear as he knew what he was doing. Not that he knew. Murders were really not his cup of tea.

"Inspector, I suggest that you don't head his words." said a male, confident voice.

"Hakuba?" Kaito said as he turned around, the same way as all of the rest of them did.

"And you are?" asked Megure, as he looked at the newcomer.

"Hakuba Sagaru." he said, as he looked at both of them. "Freelancer for squad 2 at the Metropolitan police."

Shiratori lowered himself to Megure and whispered. "I think he is the son of Hakuba superintendent."

Megure looked annoyed, but he did not say anything.

Hakuba turned to Kaito, who looked the same composed self as always, but inside he was sweating.

"Kuroba, do your realize how many law are you breaking right now? Impersonating people, lying to the authorities, the obstruction of the crime scene and many more." he turned around, and opened him mouth to say something, expecting somebody to be there. But he closed his mouth, looking confused for a moment.

"If you are looking for Kudou, he went to talk to the Minami and Hinata." said Keiko, as he pointed outside.

"But Kudou is right here." Megure said, as he pointed at Kaito.

"That is not Shinichi." said Ran.

"But..." Megure looked confused for a moment. "He looks the same."

"The similarity is uncanny, I will agree with that." said Shinichi from behind Megure. "But is just a coincidence."

Megure and Shiratori both looked between Shinichi and Kaito, Megure having a disbelief written on his face. "There are two of you?"

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "Thankfully not." he murmured, so that most people did not hear him. Hakuba did and he snickered.

Shinichi walked to Kaito and extended the arm: "The test that you made?"

Kaito gave him a handkerchief and Shinichi looked at it for a while. He sighed.

"I think it was the case of a unusual poppy seed allergy. I believe it was prepared improperly, so the allergic reaction was mixed with the mild drugging and this was the effect."

"You mean that somebody accidental created opium out of puppy seeds, and that was the result?" Shiratori said, as he looked at Shinichi in interest.

"Most likely just an unintended accident." Shinichi said.

Megure looked around and nodded to the forensic, who started to clean behind them.

Hakuba walked to Shinichi and took the handkerchief from Shinichi's hands.

Shinichi said to Hakuba, as he looked at him amusing. "Takada is going to make full recovery. Asked the ambulance in the back." Shinichi said to Hakuba, as he looked at him amusing.

Hakuba glared at him. "So you realized..."

"...that it was not greyish, yes." Shinichi said, as he looked at Ran. "I told the real information to the ambulance. I would not risk somebody's life like that."

"But it is still a lie." Hakuba said. "You are supposed to be a detective. To act according to the law."

"I work for justice, not law, Hakuba." Shinichi said, as he left Hakuba behind. He walked to Ran and started to look sheepish, as she told him all that was wrong with their deal. He realized that she was glaring at Kaito as well, and that for some reason, both flinched when she stepped back. Especially Kaito, which surprised him. There was certainly an interesting story there.