Midnight Folder [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Kisaki Eri was finishing her work for today. It was late evening, the courtesy of her client, that thought he knew the law better than her. She was surprised, that he only got away with the fine, stealing from the police archive.

She sighed, as she took her bag, and stood up. But she didn't move. Instead she looked at the window. Open window, that she was sure was closed before. She looked around, until her eyes landed on the person, standing in front of her. His white attire was well-known to anybody paying even a little attention to the press.

He smiled at her, then slowly stood up and came closer. He stopped at Eri's tensing, and put his hands in the air.

"I apologize, Mrs. Kisaki. I guess my arrival was not expected." The light blue rose appeared in his left arm, that he offered to Eri.

Eri took the rose, and noticed the colour. She only raised her eyebrow at it. Then, she put it on her table.

"Any specifics reason, why you are here?" He face was serious, as she looked at the person in front of her.

He looked at the chair in front of the table, but on the other side, and Eri waived, giving him permission to sit on it. But he didn't sit on it, just leaned on the backrest. He seemed to have trouble to start speaking, even when appearing in control of the situation. Eri took her seat back, as she waited.

"How aware are you of the current situation of one detective called Kudou Shinichi?"

Eri narrowed her eyes, as she evaluated the question. She did not know what to take from it.

"You do not have to answer out loud," the thief said, "as long as you are aware, that his situation is not... normal."

Eri looked at the pause, that he put before the word normal. Like considering the word, and coming up with the least revealing one.

"I know he is currently away, investigating cases..." "...that nobody else knows about?" She had her mouth shut by that.

Kid made a manilla folder appear in his hands, and opened it, leafing through it. Then he closed it with a sigh.

"I am violating his trust with this, if he has any in me. But even I think, that he might be way over his head, and he won't listen." He deposited the folder on the table. "But read this, and you might be putting the lives of you and people around you in danger."

Eri took the folder, and opened it, seeing the copy of Mystery Train police report inside. But there were additional notes added to it.

"How did you..." but as she looked up, there was nobody else in the room anymore.