What Are You Doing Here? [Fiction]

Koji was looking at the person on the screen. Deep inside, he was panicking, but he didn't show any reaction on the outside. That would be too dangerous. For him and for the person on the screen.

"Mary, who is she?"

The woman next to him continued typing. Not once did her eyes moved away from the screen.

"She was seen littering around."

Koji turned to her, narrowing his eyes. She didn't spoke a lot. If he got her to say more than 3 sentence, it was a surprise. But she had never been vague on purpose before. Actually, usually she was abnormally precise.

Mary pressed enter and looked at the screen as the bar got closer to competition. Then she entered a couple of additional commands, as waived him away.

Koji left the control room, and made his way to the interrogation room. He looked calm on the outside, but on the inside, he was panicking. Why is she here? She was not supposed to be here.

But eventually, he made reached his destination and there was no more staling. No more time for panicking. He allowed himself a second to compose himself, before entering the room.

The four other officers were already inside. He walked next to them, looking down on his little sister.

That was the worst shape, he had ever seen her in. He could see the bruises forming, from the questioning, that she had already gone through. The cuts marring her skin. One of her arms had a dislocated shoulder. She was slowly bleeding from her abdomen.

She slowly looked up and her eyes looked up at Koji. His hearth constructed. If that would happen in any other place, he would be already at her side, finding out who did it, planing their demise. But now... How he wished to do anything.

"She was found breaking in on one of our 3-level research facilities."

Koji nodded at the words of one of his co-officers. She looked down, bitting her lips, looking sideways. He glanced at the others and they looked at him now.

"You know, that nobody can know about us. Even our families?"

One of them took a gun and offered it to Koji. He took it, slowly and checked it over. He then felt the gun, pressing to his back.

"You know what you need to do."

Koji looked back to his sister, and she looked at him with wide eyes, shaking her head through the gag. She was silently begging.

Before his brain figured out what the body was doing, he pointed the gun and shot. It was a perfect shot, directly in the middle of the forehead. She was dead in less than the second.

The others left the room, while Koji remained standing there, the denial in his head. He did not want to think about what he just did. He didn't know how much time had passed until somebody removed the gun from his arm and the smell of the tea reached his nose.

Mary waived the cup in front of him. He tried to smile as he took the cup and started to drink from it. He could start to feel the effects on his body.

He was already dead by the time Mary left the room.