The God's Request [Fiction]

They stared at each other. None of them wanted to back out, but at least they stopped arguing. The line behind the younger one sighed in relief.

The older one narrowed his eyes. He then smiled and took a step back. He took the book from behind him. It weighed a lot, and he almost dropped it on his feet.

The younger one titled his head, but otherwise did not knowledge it.

"Here is your proof."

The person took the book, and opened it.

"It doesn't matter what a book says."

He started reading it. After a couple of pages he closed it and gently put it down.

"I will believe anything, even that you are a god, but do not sell this mind reading technology to the government."

The older man sighed. This is going to be a long case, and they don't have the time.

"Then are you willing to help me?"

The younger one narrowed his eyes, but then he nodded.

"But when I find out, you are not trustworthy, at the first doubt, I will turn against you."

The older one smiled.

"If, young one. If."

The people in line behind them dropped on the clouds in relief.