The Eugenics' Drink [Fiction]

Looking at the city from the bird's view, a mass of people could be seen, all going in the same direction like a hordes of ants, that realized where the honey is spilt. Or like a river, unable to be stopped or derailed by anything.

Some of the people were trampled by the mass, their bodies stepped on at the people wanted more. None of the people doing the stepping had even looked down to notice. They moved forward too quickly. Any that did not, only joined the fate of the ones already fallen.

Nina was looking down at the people, a frown on her face. Her body was tense. What was happening down there, was not right.

"Breathtaking, isn't it?" Renata leaned forward, a smile on her face, as she leaned on the glass and looked down at the spectacle. "A miracle of science."

Nina walked away, stopping at the table and taking a couple of big breaths. She could not let her sister anger her now.

"I am sorry." As Nina turned, Renata was now looking at her, leaning on the glass. She smiled. "I know you don't like to have science associated with..." She simply glanced down to the mass of people.

"No, I don't want my neuroscience studies used to brainwash people, Renata!"

They were both quiet for a moment, both surprised at the outburst. Renata started to laugh, her tears coming from her eyes.

"Is that why you were sulking?" She wiped the tear from her eyes. "And here I thought it was something serious."

Nina strode to Renata, grabbed her for a collar of her shirt and pushed her to the glass. "You think this is funny?"

Renata looked down, still a smile on her face. "No. It is magnificent. New Eugenics order, brought forth by your knowledge. Like I said, breathtaking."

"I could kill you for it."

"You won't. You simply don't have it in you."

Nina narrowed her eyes, but then she released Renata. She just stood there, her head bowed, her hand over her eyes.

Renata touched her shoulder, and she turned. She took a glass of champagne, that Renata was offering her.

"To new order?" Renata asked with what appeared to be hope.

"Whatever." Nina said, as she toasted to her, but she did not drink it. "Just tell me one thing. Why?"

Renata took a sip of her glass, and she looked up. "Umm... Remember how we used to discuss the lack of intelligence in people?"

Nina slowly nodded. "So you tested it."

"And proven right." Renata tapped her glass. "I wrote everything in small print on every drink."

"Yet it still happened."

Nina took a glass and quietly gulped it all down. She made a grimace. She never liked any alcoholic drinks.

"For this, I am truly sorry." Renata now looked remorseful, as she looked at Nina. "It is probably the only thing that I am going to regret."

Nina realized that she could no longer summon the will power to attack her sister. She will soon unable to summon the will power to even care. Only the area for smell with the area for pain will be able to phrase her desires now. Desires that other people will be able to manipulate. That Renata will be able to manipulate.

"You are the only one that could stop me." Renata came to her and hugged her. "I am sorry that you are too honest and direct that you did not. I am sorry you did not have the determination to."

Nina was limp in her arms, not moving and not reacting at all.