Sorry, but the Law [Fiction]

The young family was sitting in the waiting room. The doctor came closer, as they stood up and looked at his grim face. He shook his head ah he removed his gloves.

"I am sorry. There is nothing we can do."

The mother of the family stepped forward, the tears still flowing freely on her face.

"Is there really nothing you can do?"

The doctor looked away uncomfortably. He didn't answer for a couple of seconds.

"You know the risks involved with the treatment of the ado-food consumption. The rules do not allow it."

The mother wanted to go on her knees and beg, but she was stopped when her husband punched the doctor to the nose. The doctor was so surprised that he fell backwards on his ass, and he used his hand to try to stop his bleeding nose.

"Screw the rules. There is a person's life at stake here. How would you feel, if your child would have accidentally ate ado-food?"

The doctor slowly stood up and look at the father of the family. Their five years old daughter was standing next to her mother.

"I let her die."

The eyes of the doctors were hard and he was looking at the whole family.

"These rules exist for the reason, even if none of us understands it. I let her die, so people will understand that they can't run away from the rules."

The father wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by the doctor.

"You know what will happen if I allow you to see him. Do you want to?"

When the family did not say anything for a second he just turned around and left the room.

He arrived at the room, where their seven year old son was waiting. He was sitting down and he looked at the doctor. His face was without feeling, but the doctor knew why.

"They will not come?"

The doctor just prepared the injection and he sighed.

"I think they will. You ready?"

The boy nodded as he let the sedative take control of him. The doctor made him lie more comfortably, looked at him one more time as he sighed.

"I really wish that would not be necessary."

He turned the lights off, when he left the room and he passed the army officer on the way. The life of that boy is just about to turn upside down.