Midnight Date [Fiction]

The boy was sitting there. She did not want to move, as she pushed her knees a little closer to herself.

He could hear the person climbing to tree. There was a snap of one of the big brunches, and the person uttered one of the words her mother is always scolding her older sister for.

The mumbling can be heard, followed by the soft knocking on the glass.

"Julia?" the voice of the teenage boy was heard.

The boy looked up. That was his sister name. Did the intruder wanted to do something to her? He slowly stood up, knowing he has a water gun stashed not far from him. He has to protect her.

"Julia?" the teenager was louder now. The knocking came back.

The boy had reached the gun and pointed it at the window. But even he was aware, that the water would only hit the glass at this point. He hoped that he will not enter.

"Julia, are you here?" The teenager was now speaking in the normal loudness and was sounding irritated now.

He tried the windows, but they were unlocked. He slowly pried it open and entered the room. He looked around, looking confused.

At that moment he got a water in his face and a scream of a child. He wiped his face off, and realized that the child is still standing there, point a water gun at him.

He grabbed a child and took the gun from his hands. The boy screamed.

The three pair of steppes could be heard, hurrying into the room. The doors were opened and three people entered the room.

"Julia? I -"

"Unhand him." the youngest of the group said, as he walked to them and pulled the boy from his grasp, hugging him.

"Are you all right, Eric?" she asked him, as he looked at him, petting his head.

"I though he was a intruder." the boy said, as he almost started to cry.

The shorter woman came closer and she took the boy to her. He quickly hugged her and bury his head in her clothes.

Julia turned to the intruder. "Get out." she said, as she pointed to the door.

"Julia, bun, don't be unreasonable." he said, his hands up.

"I said get out, Mark."

"But -"

"You heard the lady, young boy." the other woman still standing in the doorway said. "I suggest you find your way out."

He looked from one to another. Then he did the smart thing and get out of there as soon as possible.

"I will make sure he gets out." she, as he left the room.

Julia turned to Eric and her mother. He was already explaining to her, how he wanted to protect her sister. She smiled. Nobody hurts her family.