I Am Who I Am [Fiction]

The boy leaned forward, putting the hand on Jane's leg and went to kiss her.

She tensed, and did not move, until the kiss stopped. But the hand remained, making small movements to make her relax.

"Relax, everything is going to be fine."

Jake's voice sounded nice, but Jane did not feel pray to it. She took his hand, that was on her leg, and put it away. She glared at him.

"I did not agree with that."

Her voice was calm, cold even.

"I thought you wanted that."

He sounded dejected. But Jane just stood up and took her jacked.

"If you would have thought to ask, I would have told you that I am asexual. Do not assume things like that."

Jake's eyes narrowed. He moved quickly as he pushed her to the wall.

"Do not act like you are on a high horse."

She hit him on his balls with her knee, as used her elbow to hit him in the face as well. He collared together. She looked at him, pitying him. Then she left, leaving the most popular guy on the school to spend the evening alone.