Colours of Languages [Fiction]

The colours that came from her voice were the really nice colours of blue variety. Like the sea, calm, but precise. Nice and welcoming, but potentially dangerous.

He realized that the colour disappeared and the woman was looking at him in question. He was so distracted that he didn't listen.

"I am sorry; I don't understand your language."

She laughed at my comment. She tapped to her head.

"You are the first one to admit that. Or even notice."

The normal colour of gold came back. Not enough to distract him, even if there was no remains of the previous blue colour.


Her question was unusual. Why people wouldn't realize that they do not speak the language?

The woman had put her hand on his shoulder.

"You have a great gift. Do not lose it. Ever."

Without explaining anything, she turned and left.

As he looked after her he realized ... He did not ask her for the name of the sea like language.