Why Are There Psychologist in Schools?

In our school, there was a physiologist, that was supposed to help us become even better, for the good students, help with school for the not so quick students and help with any problem in school.

Some of the people in school joked, that she spent half of the time dealing with me.

I know some of the teachers stopped dealing with any abnormality in the class. They sent students to psychologist for every little detail.

Forgetting homework. Talking in the class. Chewing the gum. Not listening. Talking back. Siting on the tables. Having a bloody nose (from fight or not). Asking questions. These are just some of the reasons, that people got sent to the psychologist.

And if the psychologist thought, that she can't handle the student alone, then she would call another teacher, so if one of them loses any idea, what to preach about, the other can start.

Because that is what they did. They preached about, how we have to conform (or at least they did to me), without any valid reasons.

“Because I said so.” or “It is in the rules.” or “People smarter than you decided that.” or “People older than you decided that.” or “People have to be normal” or “People should listen to authority” or “People are to be obedient.”

These are just some examples of their reasons why they are on the right. But you find these reasons satisfying, than congratulation to you. The education system did their job in your case.

But that is all she ever did. Some people asked her for help, and then decided to never do it again. She couldn't be that helpful then. The only reason people liked her, was because they could skip lessons, if they went to her.

But even to this day, I do not understand. What was she trying to accomplish?