The Governments can Spy on Foreign People but Not on Their Own Citizens – My System

Maybe I have just read about it too many times, but a few times I came across an opinion, that it is all right, for the government to spy on the people in the foreign countries but not on the people in their own country.

So if that is the biggest problem they have with government listening on them, then I have a preposition for them.

My system will enable governments to be able to get all the information they need, with no spying on the citizens of their own country.

In the first step, every country on the world stops spying on their own citizens and discontinue any program relevant to that.

In order for the governments and their secret services to make sure, they still have a relevant information, there is going to be an information market put in place. Since the governments can not spy on their own people, but foreign governments can, they are able to trade relevant information.

China can sell the North Korea the information about Koreans in exchange for information about the Chinese. The North Korea can sell the USA the information about Americans in exchange for USA agreeing to their space exploration mission.

That will make the governments a lot less likely to have the information on their own citizens, because the information would need to be paid for. But at least they will not be able to spy on you, right?