My Dream About Afterlife

This was one of my dreams, that I just seems to remember for months, usually for years. I have dreams like that sometimes, and I realized, that they usually happen, when my subconsciousness realized something and it needed to tell me.

The dream started with my being death. In this dream world, when people die, they are able to stay temporary with the living, to be able to bring closure to everyone. After that, all dead people or ghosts or whatever we were, are to make their way to the cave.

I didn't have a lot to take care of. But as I came closer to the cave, as I came in the patch of land in front of it, I become scared. I wanted some more time.

But the more time that I spent there, the less scared I was and the more I wanted to go to that cave.

But my mother wanted to keep me there. She found all different reasons for keeping me there. But then, when my sister realized, that I am ready to go, she tried to convince my mother that it was fine. My dad was there, silent and serious, giving the support to all of us.

As I came to the cave, and said goodbyes, I walked into the cave and saw other people disintegrating into the air. There was a dust like feeling, but with more sparkle and bigger parts. Also reminded me of the stars and the balloons, that the children play with (the one to use the water and soup and by blowing into them, they become balloons). They were multiple colours, but not really vivid ones.

I entered the centre of the cave and I could feel becoming one with something bigger, reconnecting with the lost part of me, or was I the lost part? I was at peace.