My Book Diary – Seth Godin: We Are All Weird

What is normal and what is weird? In this book of the famous marketing blogger Seth Godin, we are taken on the journey of our society. From the time, when the mass media and mass production kept us in the normal, where the majority of the people was in the middle, to the times in the future, where we are going now.

He argues, that the weird is the new normal. As we get more and more advanced, we get weirder and weirder. Not because we want to stand out, but because we want to be accepted by our peers. People similar to us.

Illustrating his point with easy understandable examples and the writing style, that is both concise and vivid, Seth always makes me want to read the book from page 1 to the last page. And this book is no different.

Explaining the future of our society, being critical, mostly of the mass marketers, while he was not judgemental. His book clarified a couple of things for me, making me better understand people. But I believe, that for some of you, it might be an even bigger eye opener.

A great book of a great person. So to honour him, let's be weird in some way.