My Book Diary – D. Dravin: The Boy Wizard

The stage magic. The real magic. It is usually one or the other. But not in this case.

The main character in the book, Alan, is both. The stage magician and the real magician. Trained in the art of disappearing things and appearing things, and secretly trained in the art of levitation. But do not tell his teacher.

He accidentally burned down his school in the previous talent show, and decided to restore his reputation. Teaming up with the class thief called Tim, they prepare the act, that will blow the school away. While at the same time, Alan have to make sure, to not get discovered.

Written in the first point of view, as Alan would have written the story himself, it is a playful novel, that kept me sitting on the bus stop, when I was so interested, what happens next. Even if the plot is predictable, the feelings in the writing suck the person right in.

I would recommend this book to anybody, wanting to return to their younger times. I also find it appropriate for the younger children.