Hypothetical Scenario: Waking Up In A Bad Place

One day you wake up and you find yourself in a peculiar situation. You wake up as a seriously obese man in a small and really messy apartment. In a foreign country (but one, where you understand the local language).

You look around and on the floor next to you, there is needle, candle, a spoon and a small open bag, with some white powder in it.

On the other side of the mattress, there are some clouding, but they smell of sweet and some urine.

You can see the ants freely walking around. You thought you saw a rat and a snake as well, but you aren't sure. There is some half eaten toast and cheese on the plastic table, that looks like it is about to collapse.

The windows are tainted and it is hard to look out. But there is a sound from the outside. Somebody knocks and you hear: "Open up. Police."

What do you do?