Do We Really Know, What Most People Think

Most women wants to have equal chances of work. Most people think, that security is better than privacy. Most people think, that we had landed on Moon. Most people think, that eating vegetables is healthy. Most people think, that eating meat is healthy. Most people think, that they are the smartest person in the room.

Do we really know, what do most people think? I mean, no matter how wide anyones circle of acquaintance is, there is no way anybody is the world, can know most people. That would include knowing over 3 billion people.

Yet this is what most people base the their opinion of normal. Based on their acquaintance, and the media we all make the picture of the most people inside our head. Let me give you an example.

In the recent NSA reveal, they asked the great amount of American, if they think, that government went to far in their spying. The number of people thinking, they were on the right was 53\%. Yet, if I would just make my opinion based on the news I am reading and the people I was talking to, I would think that the number can not be higher than 20\%.

The similar people usually find each other and by associating with their own group, where the opinions are more or less similar, we get the distorted picture of our reality.

They say, that in a year time, a person weights close to the average weight of the 5 people the associate with the most. And it will look normal, because the people around them will have similar weight.

Also, since I am eating vegan food, you could guess, that there is a lot higher possibility, that there is a bigger amount of vegetarians, vegans or people that feel strongly about their food among the people associated with me. And you would be right.

People absorb the influences from around them, from the media consumed, including the internet, from the environment. It shapes us into who we are and because of that, we can be blind to some of the people, exposed to the different influences.