I was sitting on the tram and was wondering, if I am feeling hungry or not. Just as I have came to the decision and looked around, I saw a candy on the floor.

At first I thought, that it had fallen down from the girl, that was sitting close by. But I was wrong.

I saw the girl look down, but she did not picked the candy up. She left the tram, leaving it there.

There was nobody else around, so I took it. After all, I do not like to waste food.

It was too sweet for me, but the caramel made it worth it. I didn't realize, that even after not eating for more than a year, I still love caramel.

Now I have to figure out, what caramel is made from and how, to see if I can use it in my kitchen.

But it also got me thinking. The only time these days, when I am eating things, that I can describe as food, is when I find it on the ground. Just like this candy today.