Are We That Different? [Fiction]

They entered the restaurant. There were tall candles in the table and the light in the restaurant was a bit dimmer than usual. The room was mostly in a different shades of green, like the dark green tablecloth and the really light one on top of it. There were small bouquets of flowers on the table.

Mina was following the waitress with confidence. He steps might not be long, but it was firm. Her eyes did not look around, but she was just walking, smiling a little. She looked at her date today as she called his name.


John looked at her, too quickly, like he did not expect the question. He wiped his hands to his trousers. His mouth was partly open. But he did remember to close them, after Mina chuckled.

"It is an impressive place."

Mina looked around in interest. There was a smile on her face. But she did not answer.

The waiter stopped in front of the table and he waited until Mina came closer and he pushed the chair in, after she sat down. John just sat for himself, as the waiter excused himself.

Mina turned to John, who was staring at the table now. Mina sighed. She started to tap on the table with her fingers, as she was becoming a little annoyed.

She saw the owner of the restaurant coming closer. She stopped tapping as she put a smile on her case.

His smile feel a little, as she saw the owner stop and rudely stare at their table. The owner came closer, with quick steps and he was shaking.

"Who gave you the right to come back?"

His voice was sicking, but it was also quiet. It could freeze the blood of the people that could actually hear it.

Mina blinked as he saw the John's head move with remarkable speed, and there was a surprise written on his face. But it was soon replaced with anger. He narrowed his eyes.

"If I would have known, you were here, I would not have set a foot in here."

John's voice might not be as cold, but it had the same am mount of anger in it. His whole body was shaking from it.

"Says the freak of the family."

John jumped up and he looked at the person in front of you with condemn.

"You think I am proud you are my father?"

He turned to Mina, his voice lost some anger, but his body didn't.

"I am sorry Mina, but I will have to cut this short."

He stood up and just left. Mina smiled as she stood up and went after him. She had to remember to thank her mother. Maybe this time, she did find her an interesting person to spend time with.