Are We Important?

If we look at the Earth from the outer space, such as the nearest star, that is not our sun, we can really have the feeling, that we are that important. Even looking down the earth from the moon probably makes people realize, that they are just the tiniest peace in the universe.

But each person is a main character in their own book of like. Some of us are heroes, some of us are anti-heroes. There are some villains and some drama queens, that while all the time.

Some books are tiny, making every world written in it count. Some of the book are full of suspense, making them for the real page turner. Some of them only apply to the certain type of person. Some make us know better ourselves. Some make us feel. Some are ahead of their time. Some are lagging behind.

And every life story is worth telling. Not everybody will like it. Most of the people will probably find it boring. But there are people in this world, that need you words, your voice. The ideas in the books exactly what they need at that moment.

So yes, to the people around you, who got to know the story inside of you and to the people waiting for your story to came to them, you are important.

Because just helping to improve one life, you help improve the life of every person, that original person helped, but would not otherwise. And all the people, that were helped by them and so on.

So, live your story, so it might help somebody else. After all, every hero needs people, that he or she can safe.