Would You go to the University, if it Would be Free?

About two months ago, I meet one of my former classmates from primary school. He used to be one of the most intelligent and the most lazy person in our year group. Even if first year, he already manipulated the writings in his notebook, so he could do a smaller amount of homework. But he was one of the smartest people on school. The same subject, that all the people had to study for days, he got it in a little more than an hour (and he didn't listen at all during class). He also created some of the theories on the personalities of people, while in primary school.

So seeing him after a couple of years, I enjoyed talking to him. We talked about school reunion, and it ended up, what kind of schools did we chose.

He surprised me by telling me he never applied for the university, but started working at the local shop for clothes. I was so surprised, that I had forgotten to ask for the reason.

Before that, I was thinking that going to the university was more or less just prolonging the decision, what am I going to do in my life. But when trying to get some perspective and searching the internet, the most commonly cited reason to not go to university is debt.

But here, students do not acquire any debt at all. The enrolling costs are around 30 EUR, and that are all necessary costs, to visit the university.

There are additional costs, like living cost, the costs of book, transportation costs and so on. But most of the students in our country live with their parents, and most of the students just copy the books, instead of buying them.

But since we have a highly developed student work opportunities (so much, that they lower the number or regularly employed people), there is always the possibility to earn the money and cover all the expenses.

Since it is easier to get the job as a student as opposed to someone who graduated, but is not a student anymore, that a number of people enrol in the university just to get the student's status, so they could work in the student's jobs.

In situations like that, meeting a person, who decided to not go to the university is rare. That is why I find even more fascinating. I am sure, he has some really logical answer, that makes complete sense, when told. Looking back, I do not know, if I would not choose the same, if I would go back in time.