Why the Supermarkets are Throwing Food Away?

There was an article, that shocked me. It started with the story, that happened in the local supermarket.

The two older women were shopping in the late hours. Just a little before the store closed. They looked around, until coming closer, to buy the bread.

There they say the supermarket worker throwing away all the unsold bread. They naively asked the worker, who gets the food. The answer was shrug and that they end up on the trash sites.

They expressed their view by buying a piece of that unsold bread each.

But that probably reinforced the message to the supermarket. After all, did they bought the bread for tomorrow as well? What happened to every other piece of bread?

After the article was published in the magazine, the debate started in our country. There are too many poor people in our country, and we are throwing food away. Or at least that was the loudest argument. The result was, that most of the supermarkets started to offer the bread at the lower price in the evening, right before the store closed.

But one or two chains of markets started to offer yesterday's bread at the even lower prices. I have to say, the never have any left in the afternoon, but if I go in the morning, I can see bread there, waiting to be bought.

But the turnover of the fresh bread is still higher.

That means, that while most people prefer to pay more for the fresh bread, there are some people, that prefer the old bread for the lower price (or can simply not afford anything else). And with this action, they managed to lower the thrown away food in at least some aspects.

Which means, that we can effect supermarket's choice in what they are going to offer.

So as long as we are not showing, that we are willing to buy old food, they are not going to be offering us any. But if we are start showing them this, then they will slowly change.

But the people just do not think about that, when they go to the supermarket. All of them want the best looking fruit, and they are not going to pick less good-looking fruit to buy. They see no reason to by yesterday's bread, if there is the bread on sale, that was baked today. And so on...

But if we become more aware of it, we can slowly change their opinion. I recently bought the expired milk that was still good. I picked the brand, before checking that (I wouldn't even checked, if I didn't think that the price was too low). I also do not mind buying fruits, that is about to go bad.

And when more and more people make choices like that, the more and more will the supermarkets follow.

That is, if the government isn't having any laws preventing that (but this one would be a little harder to change).