Why I Enjoy Cooking So Much?

The food was always important part of my life. My family always put a great emphasis on the food. There was homemade lunch everyday to eat by my mom. My father didn't cook as frequent, but his food was always so tasty, we ate it all. We always had a bowl of fruits on the table, to use as snack.

Growing up in the environment, where I constantly got associations, that food was important, I grew to love it.

Even with all that, my first cooking try was a disaster. I cooked normal barilla pasta (the smallest one, that cook for 3 minutes) for more than half an hour. The result was black, uneatable spaghetti and almost destroyed pot.

But I didn't give up. I tried again and again. Mostly concentrating on sweets.

I loved the sweets, but my parents never made sweets. My grandmothers did. One of my grandmothers made excellent cookies, and the other made potica during every holiday.

I started baking as a way to bring cooking into the sweets department as well.

I enjoyed the cooking and tasting part. But getting other people to try it was hard. When after years of trying, my father actually commented on my cooking, I was feeling really satisfied. Even if his comment was negative. He commented that my blueberry muffins weren't sweet enough.

I started cooking other thing as well. These days I cook almost all the food that I eat. I like making things from scratch.

I also developed a philosophy for my cooking. I do try to make the food tasty. But I try to prepare the food with the least ingredients and with the simplest methods possible. I believe cooking is not in the realm of people with a lot of time and professional chefs. It is a right of every person.

Cooking is a mix of science and art. Only the people actually cooking know the feeling of satisfaction, when we create something new. It is almost like playing god. And I wish every person would have a way to experience that.

There is also a good feeling, when cooking for others and they take seconds. It is the highest praise for a chief, and a really rewarding feeling. Better that any nice words somebody could offer.

But a criticism is always welcome. It is how we improve.