Why I Am Thankful To Experts Column?

I was surprised at the reactions of people here, after the latest announcement. I mean, I am not a writer on EC for long (about 3 months), but that reaction seems to be too strong. The community, that before boomed with helping was suddenly attacking the people behind this site. It was unravelling.

Some people came forward afterwards, with words of encouragement and hope. So I hope that this piece can help with appreciation of the people, that have given us a place to express ourselves.

I am thankful to EC, for giving me the place to express myself. Where I do not have to worry about the layout of the pages or where to get any pictures or what to write about or limiting me in any way (except with the minimum number of words), but I can just write.

I am thankful to EC for giving me the platform to publish my writing, indirectly making me start to finish my pieces of writing. Before I had written every day, but I had almost nothing finished. The EC gave the push I needed to start finishing the posts and publish them.

I am thankful to EC for the mental clearness that I got. When I start to finish my pieces, the mental clutter really started to go down. Not just temporary, or at least since that, the old clutter had not come back.

I am thankful to EC for all the new ideas, that I got thanks to the mental clearness. It was like, my thinking was clearer, so all the other ideas could came forward. Since I had a way to channel them out, they did not become the mental clutter, but made room for even more ideas.

Last but not least, I am thankful to EC for all the support that I got. I remember when I came to the site for the first time. When the first person that left the comment introduced me to the comment function. To all the different opinions, that I have seen, either in the comments or in the other posts. The helpful advice, when I had forgotten about the rule in the writing guidelines. The petitions, that people had with my questions.

I had not been paid before, but if I managed to reach 5$ before the end of May, I am going to be thankful for that as well. If not, that is alright with me as well.

So I am going to be staying here for a while, seeing the path that EC is going to go next.