Why do we Procrastinate?

I am a procrastinator, and I actually see it as the negative personal trait. So in order to find other ways, not only how to get through it, but also who to stop it for good, I was researching the underlying reasons, why do we procrastinate, to figure out, why do I procrastinate. Here are my findings.

  1. Fear

My most strongest reason for procrastination is always fear. Usually the fear of other people's reaction. So I am afraid of the result, and I just not do it. Well, I ended up doing it, when the worrying becomes stronger than my fear. But I tend to spend days, before even starting on the task, even if it is a simple one, like composing a mail.

I was afraid of reaction on my mistake, so I procrastinated on reading the mail from the person that I stood up.

  1. Boredom

The feeling of boredom. I know I never want to do anything that is boring (especially if I can't see the point, but even if I do, I am reluctant to do it). If I find on enjoyment in even the possibility of doing the task, I am never going to do it. No matter how important it is.

I know that the school work, that I always procrastinated on was the ones, where there was not creativity or learning involved, so I found them boring. Like copying text from the textbook.

  1. Being Overwhelmed

Ever had the feeling, that there is too much on your shoulders and you want to throw you hands in the air? I have that feeling from time to time. I noticed, that I tend to procrastinate more, than other time, when feeling like that. Possibly, because the feeling makes us doubt, that we are contributing to anything at all and the questioning starts, if this is really the task, a person should work on (spending time with the thinking and not the tasks).

I used to be the kind of person, to want to try everything and always saying yes. And I ended up with the week, where I had every evening planned, most afternoons planned, there was school in the mornings, and I had 5 exams on the end of the week. I didn't do almost anything.

  1. Not Having Enough To Do

But then I learned that having too many thing on the plate was bad, so I tried to make sure, I never had the week like that again. But then the next problem started. I had too little to do every week, and I did get anything done.

Most of my weeks in first year of University were like that.

Procrastination is one of the reason, why some of us are still not where we want to be. But by understanding the underlying principles, we can finally make peace with that part of ourselves, make it feel loved and start working with him, to beat the procrastination for good.