Why Conflicts Are Good?

The conflicts can leave people exhausted, angry, sometimes even feeling a lot worse, that they would otherwise felt. They require energy and sometimes nothing is accomplished.

There are also other kind of conflicts, where opinions fly and and new ideas are created. Where listening the the opposite site makes the brain woke like a well oiled machine and where we can leave on the end recharged and full of energy.

But the world needs conflicts in order to progress. The less people conform to their ways. the more people express their own thinking, the more can we achieve as a society.

Some of the great advancements had come in the wake of greatest conflicts.

There would be no nuclear energy without the second world war. The advancement, that was inputted in creation of the nuclear bomb, was then a foundation in creating first nuclear reactors in the 50’. The nuclear power was for the long time the cleanest power, that also brought profit. It might be in decline now, since we found or improved other green energies. But the greenhouse effect would be even bigger, if that wouldn’t have happened.

The World Wars, first and the seconds, brought opportunities for women to also work in the jobs, that were traditionally male jobs. With the lose of the male work force during the wartime, the woman took their jobs. That eventually lead to some countries legalizing equal rights in the working field.

Lets look at the more recent example. After a woman was raped and killed in india, a protests started. Or the Arab spring revolution. The protests in Greek. And many more. These protests have the possibility to change something. Some of them will not bring change. But their voices is going to be heard. On the end, if their wish is progression twordwards better and sustainable society, they will get their wish eventually.

Some of these conflict brought even deaths to people. But they benefited the society as a whole. Most of the conflict in our lives are not as wide scale as these are, but are just as important.

Standing up the the person, that is suppressing the talents of everybody around them. Letting your opinion be heard, since it just might be the spark, to let somebody change their mind as well.

On the end, change will come whatever we want it or not. Is it not better if our voices can be heard, even if it leads to the conflict? The end result will probably be better, than if we let people suppress our opinions. Or even do it ourselves.