Why Are People Afraid Of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons?

I am hearing it all the time. The North Korea is going to use the nuclear weapons to attack us. The Iran is having a nuclear weapon program (even if only in speculations).

North Korea is the only nation, that made nuclear tests in the 21 century, that is true. But if you think other countries stopped their Nuclear weapon development after the cold war, you would be wrong.

Every nation, that own the Nuclear weapons (except Israel) participated in Nuclear weapons testings after the Berlin's wall had fallen.

Not only that, the numbers of Nuclear weapons in specific country could tell you, that sane people would never attack them. The North Korea have estimated at most 10 warheads. Compare that with 2100 operational nuclear warheads in USA (+ 2500 in storage). Or Russia, with about 1700 operational nuclear warheads (+2700 in reserve).

Countries like Great Britain, France, China, Pakistan and India have higher number of nuclear warheads, but I never heard anybody being afraid of attacked by them.

So why is North Korea so different? Or Iran or Israel, being among the other nations, used in examples of possible attackers with nuclear weapons.

Lets take the North Korea.

Is it because it doesn't have democracy?

I highly doubt that. The North Korea have a one party system, the same way as China. And yet, China is mostly left alone with this type of government. One of the reasons is, that China is big economical partner for the USA.

But if they are ready to overlook that in China, why not anywhere else? So we can assume, that this is not the main reason.

It is because it is a closed system, both politically and economically?

That could be the possible reason. The North Korea follow the principles of self-sufficiency of economy, politics power and military power. They do not want, nor need, any help from the outside on these points.

Not being involved in the international trade or in international political decision-making, it makes them hard to influence. They do not need to make compromises with any other country, since they produce everything they need. Also, having a capable army for himself, the other countries can't just attack them and force them to do what they want.

Is that the real reason, why people are more afraid of North Korea than other countries with nuclear warheads? I don't know, but it might be. What do you think?