Who is the Person, you Would Most Like to Have Dinner With?

I heard this question once, and it got me thinking. Who do I really want to have dinner with, if I had no limitations. And after that, I realized, that having limitation might be even cooler. So here is my list.

The Collective Conscious/God

If I could have the dinner with anybody, then I would like to have the dinner with the energy/mind or whatever created the universe. The person, that was the one to make all the rules. To create a miracle like that. The beauty of the night sky, the sound of the waterfall, the smell of flowers, the taste of figs and the touch of the cold sea. I would really like to be just in the presence of it.

Mycroft Holmes

If I have to limit myself to people, than I choose Mycroft Holmes, the character in Sherlock Holmes's short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. A person with mind so precise, to be able to remember all the information from different departments in the government and synthese them. A person with no ambition, who managed to become one of the most important people in the British government. I would have bakes something, maybe muffins, and they we could enjoy the quiet meal.

Richard Feynman

Here I am limiting myself to the real people. I guess I would have probably chosen Richard Feynman. The person, whose thinking process I have come to appreciate, ever since reading his autobiography. The person, that was not conformist and made great advancement, in science and in the learning field.

My Family

If I had to choose among the people living in the present, then I choose my family. They are the one that always supported me and took care of me. I do not think, there is anybody on earth now, that I would rather spent my time with.

Plus, as long as people are alive, I can always invite them for dinner. What answer would you give, to the question: ‘Who is the Person, you Would Most Like to Have Dinner With?'.