What is the Difference Between Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

Think about the word breakfast. What are the associations, that your mind conjure it, when you think about it? What about lunch? Or dinner? Now compare the pictures that your mind had conjured. Are these things the same or different?

For me, there is not much difference between them. Not inside my mind, not outside, looking at my meals.

I had grown up in a country, where three meals are considered the norm, but my family never really lived to that standard. We had Sunday lunch, but other than that, we ate when we were hungry, or if somebody was making something, then you could eat as well.

When I was little, my mom did used to make ‘lunch’, but there was a great variation in when did we ate these. It could be at midday or in seven o’clock in the evening. But we called it lunch, because it was convenient.

I did pose this question recently, and one of the answers that I did get was the number of calories in the meal. The lunch being most calorie heavy of the three, and the dinner the least.

But most people do not count their calories, so this is not the difference than normal people perceive.

I see it more as a socially accepted way of telling. If you say I eat for breakfast, it is understandable, that this was probably the first meal of the day. Or eaten in the morning.

But people wake up in different times of the day. People start eating in different intervals since they woke up. I once forgot to eat until it was 9 o’clock in the evening. The meal that I ate, was it breakfast or dinner?

It could also be a culture thing, but every language that I did started to learn, had the words for these three meals. So that makes me believe, that there is some universal differences, because otherwise, it would not be in so many languages. But I do not know every language, so I might be wrong with this hypothesis.

So no, I do not know what is the difference. I don’t see or experience any, that would be applicable to the everyday life. But I do wonder, what is the other people’s opinion...