What Food To Eat?

There are a lot of polemics concerning food. Our choices of food are influenced from different sources. Our intermediate family, our friends, the media, schools, governmental institutions, advertisements, food industry, books and probably many more.

The whole food polemic is really hard to navigate for most people. And most of the arguments go into the really small details. How long after eating a meal can a person starts eating fruits? Drinking water with a meal or not?

In reality, the problem is much simpler. We could start listening to our own bodies.

It is similar to the exercise. For some of the people martial arts is the best sport ever. The others can’t stand the pain and concentration. For some people running comes easily, for some of us, it is a struggle.

That is also why some people prefer science subjects to study and others the humanities.

Also, I think the body is the main adviser of our diet. If you subtract something from a diet, and even after a week or two you still have crawling, than the body most probably needs this food. Or you are really addicted to it. It is different from a person to person, so you should know for yourself, which reason applies more.

But after a month or two, most of food addictions disappear. If after that a person have craving for a certain type of food, it is what the body needs.

I had heard way too many stories about vegans, that suddenly craved animal product, but were too ashamed to start eating them again.

I think in this case they would do the most for their body if they did. The whole point of healthy eating is to have more energy, getting more attuned to the body and live longer.

But the problems is not questioning what to eat. There are always going to be reasons for and against any type of eating. And the information will always be contradictory and incomplete.

So try a new diet and see the difference. If there is no difference, that your body probably doesn’t care. If you feel better, that you would probably help the body more to stick to it. And if feeling worse, you would probably do more harm than good with continuing it.

Start with one thing and test it for a month. Subtract or add something to your diet for a month. And no matter what anybody thinks if you body says no, simply stop. It is your body and your life. It is your responsibility only.