What are Your Children Eating Today?

The globalisation had enormous impact on our eating habits as well. We entered the era, where food from all over the world is freely available. Where the companies can offer us similar food all over the world.

Is there any other reason for McDonald's advertisements to be seen all over the world?

It is an era, where instant food is becoming cheaper than fresh one. Where most of the packed food is full of added sugar, fat or additives. Where some people are getting addicted to food.

But what I am most worried about is the next generation. The children, that are going to inherent our earth.

According to the scientists, the children of today might be the first generation, that is going to live on average shorter life than their parents. That are going to start losing their vitality, eyesight, flexibility and so on at the time, their children will be moving out or getting the children of their own.

People are extremely inflexible people. Especially concerning our diet. On average, person eats 10-12 different foods long-term. Meaning, that our own diet doesn't change at all. It is extremely hard to change diet.

Part of the reason is, that changes are hard and scary. The other part is because we don't know how. Considering that child's dietary habit gets developed before the age of 2, you can imagine, that the people in power to influence it are their parents. And they aren't likely to change it.

We probably all heard the stories of picky children. Or tried to get a child to try something new. Food related. As if to try and eat. I came across a story, where a child would prefer to give up his dreams, instead if eating normal, unsweetened yoghurt.

That is why I am pleading to all the parents here. Think about your child's future. Do you want to be healthy? Or not? Think about that and answer the question...

What are your children eating today?