USB-Answer [Fiction]

"So there were no complications with this job, Tami?"

The older woman pierced the younger one with her eyes, searching her face. But the younger was looking at her, like always, like there was nothing amiss.

"No, madam."

The older woman in the chair had waived Tami away, not giving her any more attention. Tami walked away, used to this treatment. Here, she wasn't a person. Here, she was only a weapon.

As she walked away, the USB key that she had hidden inside her pocket started to burn her. It wasn't used in hours, since she had it, but it still felt like that to her.

"Are you still searching for the truth? Or is justice the new hype word today?"

He sounded like he was taunting her, and she played along. But both of them knew, it was just a facade. Just another lie, but this time not for each other, but for others.

She couldn't stop thinking about him all the way to the internet coffee place on the other side of the city. She hadn't been there for years, but she knew it had to be here. He would pick that place.

She was only there once, with him. They used the computers there to left the message to the police at the time. It was the last time she had ever seen him. Until today. Until he became her mission, to go there and kill him.

She came to the internet coffee and looked at it, stopping herself.

"Do you even know, who do you work for?"

She knew, that if she does that, there might not be a way back. That the world tomorrow could be the different world from today. Even today could be different from today.

She still entered. The owner was still the same, chatting with one of the costumers. He had a smile on his face. But the smile felt, when he saw her. He just nodded.

She didn't know, if she should offer condolences. She killed his son, not more than half a day ago. But she nodded back. She knew, that no matter what she said, it would not change anything.

"I am glad, that they had sent you. No matter how selfish it is."

She took the computer that was the farthest away from the entry. The one in the corner. It was strategically the worst possible place, but she didn't care. She logged in and put the headphones on. Another mistake, that could get her killed. She opened the file.

"Tami. If you are ever seeing that, than I have to tell you, that I do not blame you for my death. I know my life is going to be short..."

She listened to his story. To the manipulations the government is doing on all the citizens. And his pleas, not to get involved.

As she took the headphones off, the owner came with her favourite tea. She had forgotten the smell of it before. He put it in front of her.

"He knew he was going to die. But I am glad, I had the son that stood up to his ideals."

Tami took the tea, and sipped it, not answering anything. The owner just sighed.

"He always regretted not being able to save you."

Tami stopped drinking her tea, but her eyes narrowed and there was a smirk showing on her face. She spoke, facing the computer.

"They will be able to see, what kind of weapon they made."