The Rice Pudding

Rice pudding. For me it was always the food of my grandmother, that I simply adopted. But I recently realized, that I made, in different variations all over the world.

I was first introduced to the rice pudding through my grandmother. Every time, my parents were away from the house, she would cook it for my sister and me. I think it was simply because it was easy to make and it didn't matter much, if it was made in advance. But my sister and loved it, and it was the only time, when eating chocolate with the meal was expected.

The smell of the milk, the texture of the rice and the chocolate on the middle of it. I still try to get the perfection, that my grandmother created, but I am unable to came closer. It is sort of like competition with myself, so that it why I do not want to ask her.

But we did get the same dish in school. It was rare, but all the kids loved it. It was always included as breakfast, never at lunch.

But then, since I couldn't replicate the greatness of my grandmother, I started experimenting. What if I add cinnamon here? More or less sugar? Chocolate directly into the rice pudding? Or rather cacao? Fruits?

There were many variations that I have tried, some more successful, some almost uneatable.

But then I wanted to know the English word for it. After all, some day I might want to write about it.

I was surprised. In Slovenian language, we call that dish, direct translation, rice with milk. I might have thought about milked rice as a possible English name, but not anything even resembling pudding.

I guess I always did associate pudding with either dessert or a snack. And rice pudding was not either for me. It was a meal, not lunch, but good enough for breakfast or dinner.

So I read the Wikipedia page, and realized, that this dish in present all over the world, in different forms. So that got me wondering. How do people around the world perceive this dish?