The One Method, that Helps Me Beat Procrastination

I am a huge procrastinator. Mostly because there are so many interesting things in the world, that the things that would help me with any of my long-term goal can sometimes be pushed on the sideline for a long time. And just because I know, I will eventually return to them, sometimes it is nice to have a reminder before that. Or I would move too little in the direction I want to go.

I start by closing my computer, usually going to the kitchen and preparing myself a pot of tea. Or just a cup, if there is no pot to use. I take the piece of paper and a pan. Now I write down everything, that I think I could be doing to move closer to any of my goals and the things around the house/in my life, that I kind of forgotten about them for a while.

I continue writing the list, until all the tasks are written down.

Next, I simply skim through the list and notice anything, where people depend on me or if the goal is something, I don't want to give up on (like graduating from the University).

I take a note of anything that I think I would better have it done. Some of them are even time sensitive, so I usually note the last date, if I can remember it from the top of my head.

I take care, that I never choose more than 1/5 of the tasks as something I would better do. I try to choose as few tasks as possible.

I enumerate them with the numbers, just so I have some kind of order.

Then I look over them again, and I notice all the really important stuff among them. I make a mark (like *) next to them.

Then I simply look at the list and ask myself... is there anything on the list, I would really like doing right now?

If the answer is yes, then i start doing that thing, even if it was not among the tasks, that I had chosen as important. If the answer is no, then I simply go by the number system, one thing at the time.

After finishing the task, I take a break and ask myself the same question. And I continue to repeat them, until all the numbered and really important items are crossed out.

I usually get reminded how much I like doing some of the things, so most stuff will get finished. But not all on the list. But that is not really my goal. My goal was to stop procrastinating on the really important stuff, that remained after two eliminations. If it is not on the list after that, then I only do it, if it is fun.

I also never stress myself because of that. There is too little time on the world, to be spent worrying about anything or spent on the things that are not fun.