The Lack Of Information

I had come across an interesting site. It only have two short quizzes, and it asks you to make a choice, then tells you what did you choose.

I have to say, the first thing that came to my mind, as I was reading the questions was, that there is a definite lack of information. I was a little confused, why did they want to make us choice with so little information.

But that I realized, that thing like that happens all the time. We make choices every day, and not having all information. Sometimes we have none, and sometimes we have contradicting informations.

Some of our choices are banal and not having all the information will not change anything. Like deciding, if today is the day for the white shirt, or will that light blue one be better.

Some of our choice are similar to the above one, when looked at the short term perspective, but looking long term, they become more important. The choice of what to have for a meal is like that. The choice of one meal will not affect much, but the choice of 1000 meals or 100.000 meals can be the decision between health and sickness.

With some of our choice the effect can be big, but there are not relying just on us. The voting for the next president or prime minister of your country is a choice like that. Even non voting is a choice. The choice that to you, it does not matter or not having a good choice.

Some of our choice can breach walls between life or death. The fireman, that are risking their life saving others are great example of that. Or surgeons, where one mistake can mean life or death.

Everyone can be put in the situation like that, where his decision can decide the life of himself or somebody else.

Some of our decision, we know that they are going to be long term. Marriage used to be a sure long term solution, but with the divorce rate rising, that is no longer the case.

We have to accept, that no matter what, we will never have perfect information for making our decisions. But that can not stop us. We have to still make decisions, no matter how large they seems to us.

Because in the scale of history, the decisions are really large. But looking on the scale of the universe, they are probably all unimportant.

But not unimportant to the people living there, so do what your intuition tells you it is right. Even if there is a lack of information to support it.

After all, the child in the first question could be Beethoven. But he could also be Jack the Ripper.

To try the quizzes yourself, go to the this site.