Should Everybody Become Vegan?

I recently posted the 7 day vegan challenge (link below). I tried to spreaded the world about the challenge for everybody that is interested.

But do I think, that everybody would be better, if we all become vegans?

I actually do not think we would be better of. We would have needed a massive amount of control.

Like brainwashing and hypnosis, since people are usually afraid of change. Or changing every single language is accordance to this ideal, and then we end up as in Orwell's book 1984.

None of this two ways are really depicts a society, where I want to life.

The world where I want to life, would be the world, where every person can make informed decision. The facts about the food would be ambiguous and there would be less contradictions. The informations would not get hidden or filtered through different points of view.

The people there could make a choice, based on their values. If they think, that eating meat does not goes against their values, that go and eat it. If it goes, then don’t eat it.

There is also a question of our bodies.

I do not believe, that each and every single person on the world needs the same kind of food. It is cited a lot of times, as why Chinese study is not 100% relevant to Europeans, Americans and Africans. Even a lot of Asian people can take them with the grant of salt.

But we have a fine tuned instrument, that have a way to tell us what kind of food to eat, if only we would listen to it. It is our own body.

There are interference from habits, mental associations and so on. But trying a way of eating for a month or simply learning how to filter responses, to concentrate only on what the body is telling are two ways to overpass that.

There are also economical reasons, but they could be overcome, if shifting takes decades. Or more likely, at least 2 generation.

So should everybody become vegan? No. If your priorities are not the ones, that would prefer eating vegan food, then do not eat it. If you body is telling you to eat that fish, nobody is stopping you.

But if nothing is stopping you, you could give it a try? It is not a choice, that you have to adhere to for the rest of your life. You can stop at any time you wish.

You can read about the challenge here.