Secretary's Secret [Fiction]

"And that is why you should accept our preposition."

Monika looked up from her scribbles, looking at them and smiling. She had different words written down, ideas that came to her head as she wasted her time here. Not one line was related to the meeting.

But she smiled as, her eyes warm, just like every time she listened to different businessman, trying to work with them.

"It seems like a great idea. Let me talk to my boss, na we will see."

The man in front of her tried to smile back, but he made more a grimace, than really anything. He standed up and offered the handshake to Monika.

"The elusive boss?

Some people are starting to wonder, if there is a boss."

She shook his hand and her smile had become playful.

"Who would have run the company otherwise, Mr. Bluebill?"

She escorted Mr. Bluebill outside, wishing him a great trip back.

As soon as he drove away, she made her way into the office and let her mask break. She collapsed into her chair and leaned her head on the table.

She remained there, until she could smell the aroma of basil tee. She raised her head a little and saw the cup in front of her face. She then realized that a person was standing there, with files in her arms.

"You are a lifesaver, Nika."

Nika shook her head, as she took the seat next to her. She looked as her employer take the first sip of the tee, her eyes closing in pleasure. She patiently waited, until Monika puted her cup down and looked at her with great intensity.

"The financial reports for the last month, the advancement of the fraud-detection algorithm and the request for additional financing from the data group in Norwell."

Nika had put the files down, as she went through them, mindful of all the things on Monika's desk.

Monika took the financial report and glanced through it. She already knew, what was in it, but it helped to see any inconsistency. She then put the fraud-detection folder on her left, as she leafed through the financial proposal. She closed it down and sighed.

"Send the reply to the Norwell group, that it is rejected. For the same reason the last 9 proposals were rejected."

Nika nodded, as she took her phone out and made a note. Then she looked up.

"Harsh meeting?"

Monika nodded, as she looked away, taking another sip of her favorite tea.

"Mostly boring. But I am afraid of Bluebill's reputation."

Nika smirked as she looked at her.

"Getting every secret of the company he does not work with?"

Monika nodded as she looked at her. But Nika smiles at her. She takes the piece of paper and put it on the table.

"What are the secrets, that he could discover here?"

"That I am the boss."

Monika's answer was so quick and definite, that Nika blinked for a moment. But then she wrote down the information on the piece of paper.

"Anything else?"

The silence came between them. None of them remembered anything else. Monika smirked.

"It is a nice idea. Risky, but nice."

The looked at each other and started to laugh. They didn't stop, until more than a minute has passed.

"I am an idiot."

Nika tried to look at her seriously, but laughter was still vibrating in her body.

"Well, let hope you idiocy does not ruin the surprise Mr. Bluebill will experience."

Monika looked at her questionable, but Nika just sugghers.

"You didn't think, I will just let him walk away with that secret, right?"

Monika looks at the cup, but it is empty. Nika took it and stood up.

"I will get you another one."

She was already retrieving, when she heard the voice behind her.

"Try not to scare him to death. Also, if you kill him, do not let them discover the body."

Nika turned back, grinning at Monika, while her grey eyes didn't promise anything, as they thought about her prey.