Recipe: The Chocolate Balls - Take 2

I really liked the recipe from the last time, when I tried making the chocolate balls. But first making the chocolate and then making the balls out if it seems too complicated. I am a lazy person, so I tried to simplify the process as much as possible.

I started by mixing together the cocoa powder and the coconut flour. I like the taste and the structure of the coconut flour, but here is has to be used more than cacao powder, to be even noticeable. I just used however much did I have each ingredient in the kitchen.

After mixing it together, I started mixing the mixture with soy milk. I think that any milk could be used here without much difference. The cacao’s taste is so powerful, that it overrides any taste left by the milk (but watch out for addictions - if a person, that is going to eat that is addicted to soy or cow milk, use some other one, like rice milk).

I continued adding soy milk and mixing, until I found the whole thing in about the same structure as the cake’s top paste. Maybe a little more firm, but not much.

Then I started adding rolled oats, until I had trouble mixing the mixture with spatula. Not small trouble, but barely be able to still mix.

Then I made the balls out of the mixture. I realized, that making the balls from this mixture was a lot more messy than from the previous one. I simply continued doing that, until I ran out of the mixture to make some more.

I licked the pot clean and put the balls in the refrigerator, even though I do not think it was necessary.

But I know, that when I go and eat them (they are my guilty pleasure/my poison or whatever you want to call that), they were not messy at all.

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