Recipe: The Chocolate Balls - Take 1

I really liked the chocolate, that I made yesterday. But it came with a great inconvenience. I was resting on the only plate that I possessed.

So I needed to make the chocolate more portable or I needed to eat all the chocolate, before I could even start thinking what to eat for breakfast.

About half of it was already gone, since I was snacking on it all evening. I just told myself, just one more little piece.

But eating all the rest for breakfast did not sound appetizing. I like chocolate as a snack or dessert, not a main meal like breakfast.

I was thinking was I could do with it, and I decided, to try making the mix with oats or other similar things. I never tried it before, but I did see it before.

I went to the shop, since I usually do not have them at home. I barely ever consume them. I looked for the ones, that have no corn flakes in it or too much fruits. I ended up picking rolled oats (500g), since they were the cheapest.

I also picked up some coconut flour (400g), since I like using it is desserts like that.

I started by taking the chocolate away from the plate. It was hard, since it stuck to it. I didn't plan on that. But I managed to get it in the pan.

I added just a little of soy milk (about quarter of cup), in order for the chocolate to have lesser chance to stick, when melting.

I mixed the chocolate, as I was melting it on the lowest fire.

When the chocolate melted, I added almost half of the coconut flour, mixing. Then I added about the third of the oats.

I mixed it until it was consistent structure.

I took some of it in my hand, making balls from it, while applying additional coconut flour to it.

I kinda miss the rich flavor of only chocolate, since it kind of got diminished, but not lost. But considering how more practical is becoming to snack on it, it was worth it.

And since they are still tasty, I have nothing to complain about.

Here is the recipe, that I used to make homemade chocolate.