Recipe: Rice Pudding with Fruits - Take 1

A while ago, but not too long ago, I saw the recipe for milked pudding with mango. The original name for the recipe was Thai Mango with sticky rice pudding. I found the idea interesting. I really adore rice pudding, but I had never tried to prepare it with fruits before.

I found mango a too expensive for experimenting. But there was a pineapple on sale. One pineapple was about the same price as one mango, even if mango is a lot smaller. I regard the pineapple and mango as the similar fruits, so I got one. There were also strawberries on sale, so I got them as well.

I also bought the rice, made for making rice pudding. The grains of it are smaller, but fatter. I was a little sceptical of the cooking time 40 minutes, but I let it go.

I started cooking by purring the coconut milk inside my pot. I managed to use the remanded in the first can, but then I had trouble finding my unopened can of coconut milk. I finally found one, that looked like the one I bought, and even had the same price on it. I hope it was mine and not from my flatmate.

So I added some coconut milk from the other can as well. I found the milk to be a little too transparent for my case, so I added some soy milk as well. I added rice, and put it on small to medium fire.

I reminded myself to look at the pot every 5 minute, but I might have forgotten. After 15 minutes, the rice on the bottom of the pot was black. I scooped the white part of the rice on the plate, cleaned the pot, added some more soy milk and put the rice back there. It appeared finished after additional 10 minutes.

I waited a little, finishing my writing. Then I came back and chopped the pineapple in small little pieces. I mixed it in the rice pudding. Than I did the same with the strawberries.

It was really tasty, but it would have been even better, if I could do that without almost destroying my pot. I have to be more careful next time.