Recipe: Homemade Chocolate - Take 1

I was trying to get out of my chocolate addiction. I ate all the chocolate that I had, and was be able to resist buying more.

But I really missed the taste of the chocolate. So that got me thinking. Even if I can’t beat the addiction, maybe making a homemade chocolate would be at least healthier. Or at least with that premise, I started to make the chocolate.

The recipe that I tried the first time was simple. I prepared the cacao powder (100g packaging), coconut milk (400ml can), and I had soy milk and tapioca flour ready, in case I didn’t like the structure.

I took the pot, since I do not have a blow yet in my apartment. Any bowl will work, since we will not heat anything. I put the cacao inside.

I had some of the troubles opening coconut milk, but I managed. I used about a little more than half of the can.

I started to mix, until every part of cacao was wet from the milk. I tried to taste it, for it had the taste of a really dark chocolate. Not that the taste of cacao was really strong, but it was the only taste I could fell.

I added two tablespoons of sugar in it and mixed it again. I hope I did take the sugar, that was left by the exchange student, as she returned to China. I would hate to steal from my flatmates. But since I do not usually use sugar, I do not have it my by cupboard.

The mixture didn’t seemed to be dense enough, so I put the tapioca flour in ti. I added 2 tablespoons of it, twice. In mixed in between.

I mixed it even more, until the chocolate become consistent. I poured it on the plate, since I forgot to buy the baking paper. I would suggest to others to use it. Less hassle in making sure is doesn’t stick.

I put the whole thing in the freezer.

It ended up being really tasty chocolate, but the one that made the fingers dirty. I guess I used to much of milk or too little of either cacao powder or tapioca flour. By I can’t resist the taste. I keep going back to the freezer for another piece.

Than I seated myself on the floor and licked clean the pot and the spatula. It was tasty. But I waited for the chocolate to become more solid, before eating the rest.

I think that the chocolate like that could be made with any sweetener and any type of milk, and still retain very similar taste and structure.